One Fitbit, personal digital tracking device

Fitbit has announced the availability of Fitbit One, a digital device that automatically records user activities during the day and transferred to a laptop or mobile device. The company had announced in September this year, and finally now available, along

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G Data MobileSecurity 2, protects your Android device

The attacks on mobile platforms have been steadily increasing in recent years. Android’s popularity has become a priority for all types of threats, from viruses to trojans or phishing based on social ingernieria. G Data MobileSecurity 2 provides a comprehensive

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New USB Power Adapter 12W for your iOS device load faster

USB alt=”Adaptador 12w” src=”” With the new With this charger 12w allow charging faster. Real Reason for change and that new devices require more power. Something that users, especially the new iPad (the third generation), thank you because the process

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