30 essential Android apps and the best design

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  • There are some Android apps that are excellent examples of how design can help make our lives easier. simple, elegant and tidy Interfaces help us spend more time within the application. The styles are varied, and not all have that follow the lines marking Google . If we finish care applications with visually pleasing and have to dig, but find true works of art.

    Do not forget that the Play Store applications are putting the batteries in this regard. There go the we think are the 30 most artistic and creative applications. Some of which any developer and designer will be proud to have in their repertoire.



    Flipboard is one of the most popular news readers that continues updating and improving day after day. It has a very clean design, based in large clear images and gray tones to read the news. The interface is based mainly imitate the style of a magazine, sliding from right to left page and we will see a very similar to a book with sheets of paper effect. An essential application that also has a design team totally committed.



    We could have included the application of Gmail since its redesign in the form of cards is much improved. But Molto has a few lines that deviate from the Google design and which we believe is very elegant. Also is based on a kind of cards to read mails with a powerful preview and dominated by dark tones with blue and white

    The application has several default gestures to move between the various menus and a guide bar which allows us to skip several pages at once. We can synchronize the application with Facebook or Twitter and synchronize images. It also has an embedded browser to avoid having to exit the application when the mail contains a link.



    base Any.do can not be more simple, but also has many interesting features that can help us better organize our daily lives. The minimalist interface, as orderly and clear tones made her famous among Android apps for taking notes. A clear example of applications of letters need a design that makes us focus on what we write.


    counter Time also has a clear and minimalist interface. The application is very simple and therefore very practical , as it lacks any configuration. We need only add a project and associate it with a specific theme and appear on a dashboard. When we start working on it, just have to press it, the counter will start. When we’re done, press again and you are done.

    The application has fairly simple calendars and charts to keep track of our history. So at a glance you can see how many hours we pitches in certain job. Another simple design and clear, and decorated with bright colors that help us to look at the latest



    new feed reader par excellence. Feedly has been renovated numerous times. In the latest version we have widgets, colorful and quick menu. A new source which greatly facilitates reading and a scroll fluid. Allows application from a small menu to easily share any article we read.

    These texts are presented in various ways, either ready or smaller images next header. For a long time forget Google Reader and thanks in part to how well designed is the Feedly app.


    centre;”> skype-tablets

    Each manufacturer has its own style. Microsoft wanted the Skype for Android app has the same flat design of Windows Phone. large icons and simple, floating notices, menus and rectangular forms of Holo out a design that was in previous versions. One of the apps adapted communication excellence both as tablets and smartphones with a design as care by Microsoft as if the native app for your system.



    We’ve talked at length about Evernote. The app notes began with a very classic design Holo Android, but with the passage of time has managed to create a style own menus allowing you to have an identity regardless of operating system that is . Evernote is a huge application that lets you create, tag, search and edit notes in a simple way in spite of all the functions.

    We do not forget Skitch , from the creators of Evernote with a similar design but with pink tones instead of green and more focused images. O Simplenote , an application Evernote style but minimalist and light touches.


    competition is a Instagram , and one of its greatest strengths in the great design features. EyeEm has 18 filters and 13 frames to edit our photos as you want. It has a notification area in which we can learn besides the typical “like” the position in which the photos are done, showing those that are closest to you first.

    Editing EyeEm It is also very powerful, and a careful uploader to upload your photos. An alternative Florian Meissner who knows photography and design often go hand .

    Zite articles show us according to our tastes and give us the option to vote each article read to keep improving their selection of items and get increasingly closer to our interests. For this, the app has a very similar appearance to feed readers for Android, with a simple font and way to run semi . It is also adapted to tablets and is easy to spend a good time reading into it without us noticing.


    of the indispensable our smartphone applications. We can enjoy pictures, videos and texts stored without leaving the interface used for reading, because when we click on the item you want to read we show without any distraction.

    Although perhaps better your integration with the Android sharing system , the most simple and elegant way to save an article for later. It has embedded browser and a menu with options to share, save and mark as read are a clear example of a well done design. Essentials.


    site Digg.com has gone through several crises. have a lot of visits and have always been related with information from other sites. The current app Digg Android is a kind of feed reader and recommendation system. The key is ease of use of its interface and how clean is the design of black letters and white background without the presence of color.

    Everything based on a central column where the main information is displayed, either the list or open one supplemented with the left column you can swipe access.

    bacon reader

    Of all the Reddit apps , which has achieved a more sophisticated design is Bacon Reader. It has options for almost every taste, subreddits reading , keyword search and automatic upload images. Design this application, with clear gray tones, showing many different sublevels and messages is difficult, but not with Bacon Reader makes us so confusing.



    Games do not get out of our best designed applications. Wordkick is a simple word game with a flat design of blues and violets amazing.The help information is almost merged with the background, so it does not interfere with play. The lyrics are great for ease of use and overall appearance gives makes this simple game into a much more appealing option.


    knew put option on this list. War to become the preferred music player Android is fierce. On the one hand we have Google Play Music already with its first version became imperative. Then is the minimalistic design of Rdio .

    Spotify We chose to have a distinctive design. With black backgrounds and green buttons , with many options and large images. stations are presented more clearly in Google Play and thought the opportunity to discover new music on Spotify is so good in part by the design of the application.

    Google Now


    When you

    years had the application of “ Google search “never would imagine that we would have such an application in our hands. Google has changed so much this application should be almost separate it into several. Google Now and the future is part of the Android design .

    based design cards Google Now is recognizable everywhere, white backgrounds, info and neat lettering on gray tones. The impact of this application is that it has created trend, and there are already many applications that have copied their design lines.


    IMDb is an application very recognized within Android as it is one of the few that offer quality information film and television international. The application has many options , one of which is the ability to receive recommendations based on our searches and our tastes.

    It is sometimes difficult to find applications that allow a simple view with so much information. represent a difficult case to imitate.



    Normally applications manufacturers often not noted much at Design. But this is changing over time. their HTC Sense has many beautifully designed apps and Sony has, among others, Socialife, feed reader with colorful flat card-based design clearly intended to be used for tablets.



    Timely Alarm Clock is an application you can set an alarm with just a swipe from the side of the screen and sliding a bar to any time we want. thin white on a background color display lyrics. has sleep modes and up puzzles to clear an alarm.

    The application has many issues all colors and has soft and smooth animations. This list is not about best apps. If so we would not put an app clock and stopwatch. But Timely is an incredibly well-designed application.


    Cir.ca is a news reader where the information comes from various sources and what is shown is updated by a team of editors. When installed found a very clean and smooth implementation with cyan tones and white background, which always features a main story depending on the category in which we find ourselves. Such categories can find and access them through a lateral sliding menu to the left screen

    A app of curious information you get from your design make no mistake when reading the news


    centre;”> Timetable - 1

    With Timetable can manage our schedule, events, obligations, exams, class periods not … well, an agenda for everything that has to do with your classes , without being absolutely nothing.’s very intuitive and clear when you complete the list or see what is next in which we design and remind us Jiffy (which we saw earlier).

    Expense manager

    centre;”>  manager-expense-app

    Another simple application but it has a great design. Expense manager we classified into three columns our movements and expenditures by categories. features a flat design on gray background and a choice of four vivid colors to highlight and classify information.



    From the creators of SolCalendar we SolMail, a elegant and meticulous implementation of mail. The thin colored lines here to replace the color boxes of Gmail. We have a manager with a source gray on white background which helps in reading mails.

    emojis support is added and has several images that appear on menus drawings designed by the creator.



    Leaving applying band Youtube is a wonder. We focus on the application of videoconferencing and TED talks. An app that shows a reduced a lot of videos space of which we can search by topics, more popular, our favorite ..

    The information in each conference are displayed next to the video in an orderly manner and through lashes. incorporates a DVD internal to avoid having to exit the application when you want to display a talk.



    Application of Tumblr

    is centered images , and includes updates for new posts with animations, reminiscent in some ways to that we see in the Google+ app for Android as we’re loading our stream. design has a very curious care and dropdown menus (shown in picture above) and select the type of post.

    Facebook Messenger

    new redesign of Facebook Messenger away from the lines of the social network to look more like a messaging app itself. Suspiciously has a white and blue look very similar to iOS7. also have changes coming from the technical side and make functions such as sending and receiving messages are much faster.


    PayPal 5.0 (1)

    A virtual wallet with fair and orderly functions perfectly. flyouts are adapted to the design lines marking Google. The sober and having light brown implementing Paypal reminiscent of a leather wallet. is precisely what they were trying to achieve.
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    November 24, 2013

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