4 unique (and failed) sculptures to honor the film

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    4 unique (and failed) sculptures in honor the movies

    In some parts of the world, the film goes out through monuments that pay tribute to our idols. Yes, the sculptures stand sometimes for reasons beyond their artistic quality.

    Good movie is considered an art to rival any. Even sometimes takes the form of sculpture, and in some parts of the world can find artwork commemorating movies and characters to remember. These are, for better or worse, some of the sculptures Curiouser in honor of cinema:

    1. Sculpture of Orson Welles, Morocco

    Sculpture by Orson Welles, a little angry. Source: Beelfant

    Sculpture of an (apparently) cranky Orson Welles. Source: Beelfant

    Yes, that bloated face and unattractive belongs to the famous director and actor. The protagonist of Citizen Kane remained for several months in the Moroccan city of Essaouira while filming the adaptation of the classic Othello . In that historic city several memorable scenes in its labyrinthine streets and in their walks through the medina were filmed. However, shooting had a rough beginning, full of economic problems:

    “One day after arriving, I received a telegram saying he had not started making costumes. And then came another telegram reporting that Scalera (producer) had gone bankrupt. So I had a company of fifty people in North Africa without money – although the film and we had our cameras – but how can be recorded Otelo undisguised? “. Extract from a letter of Orson Welles , dated in 1952.

    The monument was inaugurated on September 24, 1992 by the then Prince of Morocco, Sidi Mohammed , to a large deployment of resources from around the world. However, at present the sculpture is in a deplorable state, lack of care and in need of a major restoration. A genius like Welles well worth it.

    2. Statue of Braveheart, Scotland

     Statue of Braveheart, Mel Or is Gibson Source: BBC

    Statue of Braveheart, ¿ Or is Mel Gibson? Source: BBC

    A sculpture caused a huge controversy. William Wallace, the Scottish leader who led his country against British occupation by King Edward I, was the protagonist played by Mel Gibson in the mythical Braveheart . A film that prompted authorities Stirling (Scotland) to erect a statue in honor of their local hero in 1997. Officially, the intention was to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge in the Wallace defeated the English army. The problem arose when media noticed the striking resemblance of the statue of Wallace with actor Mel Gibson in the role of Scottish hero. In fact, the Stirling Observer newspaper harshly criticized the work that had been promoted by the Ministry of Tourism in Scotland. Since then, the sculpture has suffered ridicule and contempt for locals and visitors, who recognize the actor before the historic character representing. Under the figure can read the word Freedom (Freedom) and a small reference bronze hands of the sculptor.

    After several vandalism that seriously affected the structure in 1998 was removed and restored, although back to place under increased security measures. Finally, in 2011 it was returned to its sculptor.

    3. Bust of Sean Connery, Estonia

    What makes a sculpture of Sean Connery in Estonia? It seems hard to imagine any relationship between the British actor and this small Baltic country, but yes, there is. Turns out in Tallinn (capital of Estonia) there is a relevant social club focused on culture, history and customs Scottish (not composed of Scots), called SOTI Klubi of Tallinn . It is is a society to which some politicians and leading figures of Estonia, has a public restaurant, but club membership is by invitation only. The fact is that their members gathered enough money, more than 10,000 euros to finance an imposing bust of actor, made in bronze.

    The inauguration in 2011 was attended, among others, the British ambassador to Estonia, Peter Carter, or Scottish honorary consul in the city, Iain Lawson. Yes, these were without the presence of Sean Connery, who probably had no record of the work.

    4. Statue of Johnny Depp, Serbia

    Does anyone see a similar Source: Eonline

    Does anyone see a resemblance? Source: Eonline

    The actor bizarre, fetish actor Tim Burton and star of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, visited in 2010 life-size statue to a small, unknown Serbian film festival was held in his honor. Depp was invited by film director Emir Kusturica, creator of the festival , to know the town of Mokra Gora and scenarios where you would develop shooting his next film: a literature adaptation of Pancho Villa. Actually, the director’s intention was to impress and entertain his guest to achieve star in the film.

    That visit got to paralyze the institutional activity of the Balkan country , whose president with honors actor and he was transferred by helicopter to the Serbian mountains where the festival was held. It seems that all the effort was in vain as the draft Pancho Villa was stopped shortly after.

    is the turn of Mad Men

    The small Screen has also achieved a place among the sculptures, or at least in the case of Mad Men . So was announced by AMC, confirming that next Monday 23 a commemorative work in New York will open. Specifically, sculpture will be at the Plaza Time & Life Building , the skyscraper that houses the offices of Sterling Cooper & Partners in the series. The event will be attended by some of its protagonists, like Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss.


    4 unique (and failed) sculptures to honor the film
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    March 19, 2015

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