40 out of 100 Alzheimer’s patients in Spain could be undiagnosed

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    • family associations estimate that 1.2 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s.
    • serious and evolving stages are diagnosed in 64% but milder stages only less than 5%.
    • Early diagnosis allows to cope with some advance.


    On Saturday 21 of September is World Alzheimer’s Day. The Spanish Confederation of Associations of Families of People with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias (CEAFA) estimated 1,200,000 people suffer from this degenerative disease and incurable. The 80% are served by carers , usually by family members (wife or daughter, mainly).

    However, between 30% and 40% of patients with Alzheimer’s in Spain could be undiagnosed . What ensures Neurología” (SEN), which considers this risk is “strongly” linked to the severity and stage of development of the disease.

    happens that while serious evolved stages of being diagnosed by 64% , it is estimated that only milder stages less than 5%. So the advantage SEN celebrating this Saturday to insist on the need to foster “greater understanding” of this disease among citizens.

    “The main reason why there are so many undiagnosed cases is ignorance. Although much of the disease for many patients and families still complicated distinguish early symptoms Alzheimer’s of forgetfulness or changes caused by aging,” said the coordinator of the Task Force Dementia Conduct and SEN, Guillermo Garcia Ribas.

    “We all have forgotten, but if detected repeated failures in recent memory, is important to see a neurologist , because in case of developing the disease, it is treatable and slow, “he says.

    Now, although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, it does have treatment because there are drugs that can improve cognitive symptoms, behavioral and functional and even for a few months to stabilize the progression of symptoms. Also, certain non-drug treatments that have proven useful in slowing the progression of the disease.

    In addition, as noted by the SEN an early diagnosis also allows them to be plan with “some advance” social and health aspects associated with the disease, as Alzheimer’s affects both the patient and the entire environment.

    40 out of 100 Alzheimer’s patients in Spain could be undiagnosed
    Source: www.phoneia.com  
    September 21, 2013

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