7 Applications Open Source you never knew you had and others did not know you wanted

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    open-source In this series discuss several open source apps that are worth taking into account . You are probably already using some of them not knowing it was open source (hence the title). The idea is not only to discover new apps but you know which feature you use open source and those that do not know if they opensource alternative (to remember the advantages of open source can go through here ). Some will find them in the Play Store, others Fdroid and other forums. Remember that if there are Google Play must install under your responsibility. In this first article we will review some of the best known and others which, though simple, are very useful.

    • Multi-picture wallpaper : This app takes long time here and its function is very simple: Puts different background for each desktop screen . Although some launchers already allow (see Buzz Launcher ) is always a good idea to have this app handy if you use some other. The application is free and has a donate version.

    Application on Google Play

    • Omnidroid : If you have ever wanted to try Tasker or Lama but found yourself too complex , Omnidroid is your solution. This is an app that allows you to configure situational responsiveness, style: “they are the 8 activates the wi-fi” or “When X happens send an email to Ana from Benito” . The options are reduced now (in beta) but then that is easy to use

    Application on Google Play

    • AppLocker: This app allows you to set password your apps to keep your friends, partner (s) or family trasteen your messages, view your pictures or play scores in your favorite games.

    Application on Google Play

    • CPU Spy: This is a clear example of someone developed an app for themselves and then released for everyone. CPU Spy is used by many to control your processor speed . Lets see if they “sleep” correctly and if the ROM we use not overused.

    Application on Google Play

    • Who has my stuff: this alicación developer wanted provide us with the widow, so that title put what it’s for: remember who we have left every thing . Although it is clear that we can use any app notes, it is worth having a specific purchase this to have separate things s. In addition to import address book contacts, backup on external storage and add-back events .

    Application on Google Play

    • NFC reader: again a kind developer who wants us facilitate remember what each app. In this case podremo s read cards using NFC and Android Beam. The application is very simple, for better and for worse: we can not write on cards although these permits, but can not send cards as what orders through the app, given its limited permissions .

    Application on Google Play

    • Superuser: This application is well known to the root, as it serves precisely to manage permissions super user. Besides being able to allow and deny permissions, permissions can protect PIN and has multiuser support (4.2) . It is a very interesting option precisely why this kind of apps should always be opensource : if the apps gestionana our permits are not opensource, then we know how to manage them

    Application in Google Play

    And that’s all for today, I do not want empachéis . Stay tuned for the next article opensource application, and do not forget to leave your comments and recommendations below. Soon!

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    7 Applications Open Source you never knew you had and others did not know you wanted
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    April 19, 2013

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