7 tips for protecting your Android at the beach

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    Mobile Chica Beach

    Take the mobile to the beach is just as important to many as the very towel. However, so many hours in direct sunlight, sand or moisture could seriously harm our terminal and your operation, causing irreversible damage to the screen or electronic systems.

    Keep in mind that unless users who have hired additional insurance, any accident of this type will not be covered by the guarantee that is the very new terminal. To minimize these risks we review seven tips that will be very useful to protect your phone on the beach, a place that many have become totally useless droids.

    1. The sun and sand

    Precisely are two of the most abundant elements on a beach and unfortunately most will impair the proper functioning of our Android . Assuming that we can not take sunscreen to our mobile, it is away from the direct rays of the Sun . Otherwise it will start to heat up dangerously. Do not miss to full sun or the next time you watch the Whatsapp may not only do not turn, but you can fry an egg fried in the back.

    These tiny bits of weathered rock, also known as sand, are natural enemies of our smartphone. If we are not careful and avoid direct contact, we will end up with sand by the headphone jack, between frames, the keypad, within the battery and the circuitry of the SIM card. you you like sand get into your eyes or your swimsuit? As to your phone either …

    Mobile Beach

    2. Keep it away from water

    That’s fun to take the mobile water and take pictures on the shore. However, better safe than sorry, a drop in salty seawater however small and very quickly get out to rescue, it can be fatal for our Android. Moisture and corrosion do their job faster we can not do anything about it. If your terminal is not ready for swims, it’s better to stay resting on the bag of food

    Water Smartphone Beach

    3. Buy a waterproof case

    They have time to market while not well known by the general public. Submersible designs for smartphones allow immunize our Android against almost any setback . This kind of plastic bag insulates our device and allows us record or take pictures under water , bury it in the sand without any problems or protect it from any accidental that another fall. These cases are quite economical and become one of the best forms of protection for our mobile shirt

    Cover resistant

    4. armored Case

    Hard as a rock, clear plastic or color, these housings subtract our terminal design for increased resistance . Protect most important elements that should not enter the water or sand as the headphone jack and micro USB port.

    Verus Thor S6edge Active Galaxy

    5. Mobile waterproof and dustproof

    If you love to spend hours and hours on the beach, tu Android should be one with (at least) Certificate IP67 , ie, waterproof and dustproof . With these features the terminal user may be quieter these environments to be protected against almost any inclement or accident . Eye! Although we have this degree of protection, the sun and its rays will make mischief if we leave the phone exposed too long.

    Xperia Z3 Water

    6. Password and pattern incordian the thief

    The beach is one of the favorite places for lovers of the alien . Every year around this time, the adjacent police stations to the beaches fill with complaints smartphone theft. It is advisable not to lose sight of the mobile even for a moment. If we risk to stay a while asleep, you should keep it in a locked compartment. Our Android must be protected with some kind of pattern or password unlock that impede access to thief for theft. Instalar a tracking application is not more …

    Pin Android

    7. The phone stays home. I take the SmartWatch

    Just a couple of years ago this option was not possible. We can Android leave our home and go fully online receiving calls, messages and answering emails today. The solution lies in the emerging market for smartwatchs and specifically in those that enable us introduce our SIM card . This alternative seems to be the safest to stay connected on the beach without exposing our Android to any risk

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    7 tips for protecting your Android at the beach
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    August 3, 2015

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