9 applications that do the same functions PushBullet Android

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    PushBullet announced yesterday la introduction of a payment model improved some functions and others that had made them exclusive of premium users. It is normal that the development team seek to monetize their business ( $ 40 a year are not expensive in my opinion ) but it is also understandable that at this point for us to consider alternatives to use this service.

    It is difficult to find such a good and complete implementation as PushBullet but a little digging you have brought a list of nine alternatives that will make you forget completely (or part) of this service. Read well the descriptions to see what each one because, as we have said, there is only one app that covers more or less all the uses and functions



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    AirDroid came before PushBullet behind and have a lot of development. Yes, it is true that this application has a pay back but with the free version tenemos almost all functions available . We can transfer files between devices, notifications and even reply to messages or make interactions in a few apps.

    It works very well and allows mirroring of our Android device on the desktop. The payment option adds yet more options and if we have a OnePlus One is free the first year. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that is quite overwhelming first because it has many options. If you take time to understand and pull out, it is the best alternative to Pushbullet.


    AirDroid Productivity


    Unnamed 4

    pushline is backed Pushbullet both functions as in Use . Its creators, nutcore, but do not hide the similarities come to the point: it works perfectly. Once installed in our Android and a computer, you can synchronize notifications between devices not distract us when we are in front of the PC.

    It works well, it is easy to configure and it’s free, at least for now. If we use Pushbullet to see notifications on your computer (and nothing else), pushline is a highly recommended application. Not so attractive in design but in practice part does its job flawlessly. We’ll see how hold with the free model.


    pushline Productivity

    Desktop Notifications

    Unnamed 5

    Desktop Notifications not mince words in its name. Its function is very clear: show Android notifications on the desktop . Another simplified version of Pushbullet where all you need is to install the application and then an extension for Chrome or Firefox to connect both devices.

    It’s simple, it works well and can configure as many devices as you want. The interface is all material design and for a while was my substitute Pushbullet. If you do not want to complicate with more features, it is perfect. Too bad it can not be answered messages from there .

     Desktop Notifications

    Desktop Notifications Productivity


    img Desk Sidesync Kv

    SideSync is the intersection PushBullet and AirDroid glorified by Samsung . In fact, it only works in some of the Korean Galaxy devices but if we give one of them deserves a chance. As an application to manage mobile from your computer, receive notifications and interact with applications is great.

    It is easy to set up, get distracted and prevents the connection works much better than in AirDroid. The downside, of course, is that is only compatible with phones and tablets Samsung . Good thing is free and we have all options without paying. One of the best on the list but with the but of exclusivity.


    SideSync Productivity



    We now notification applications that allow us to to copy and paste . For texts that are always being sent from the mobile computer with Alt-C you can do very easily. It is a very lightweight application that does the job perfectly.

    It only works with text but if you want something fast is perfect. I like how it works but I admit that I like to use Google texts Keep, when are URLs of pages I turn to the role of sync in Chrome devices. Although not for me, I think that an app to keep track of.



    Snapcopy is an alternative to Alt-C that works just as well as this one. The only drawback is its sloppy interface. Everything is in order, yes, but its creator could have made an effort to make it more presentable. Otherwise an application that does the job.

    We installed the app, a desktop client and started sending texts from one device to another. The pairing is done through a QR code and can also add more computers, phones or tablets to our network. Basic, free and functional. You can not ask for much more.


    Snapcopy Productivity



    Let us now with applications that allow us to send files between devices. My favorite is above all Infinit. He debuted recently and has earned a place doing very well. If we need to move documents wirelessly, Infinit makes it easy.

    The application does not have any limitation, to send all and with great speed. The transfers are done without need for an internet connection by making it very difficult to cut transfer. Security communications and data are encrypted to prevent anyone can scan packages involved. Highly recommended.


    Infinite Productivity



    Dukto is a simplified version of Infinit which has a pair of virtues has no need to send files and works exclusively for WLAN so that transmissions are very fast in all types of files. The interface is not very attractive (someone should give you a manual material design to its creator) but does the job.

    Some time ago I gave it a try and although cosmetic pulls me back, in more than one He saved me once when I had to send files from mobile phone to computer cable and had no hand. It is free, it has a few customization options in the app and fulfilled. Right.


    Dukto Productivity


    1200 26 650

    Wait, what does Telegram here? Relax, this is not an error. This messaging client is great to meet some uses and functions Pushbullet . For example: being a multidevice application we can answer messages and notifications directly on the computer. More comfortable to use WhatsApp and Pushbullet where sometimes the second did not send notices well.

    To transfer files and text also works perfectly. It is not the function for which it was designed (using it ourselves) but it does so well that it’s worth giving a chance to do so and the app even more versatile. In addition, it is free and takes more seriously the security that other applications


    Telegram Messaging

    News 9 applications that perform the same functions in Android PushBullet was originally published at Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    9 applications that do the same functions PushBullet Android
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    November 18, 2015

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