9 questions and answers to understand Java-Oracle-Google Android-mess

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  • Oracle

    9.300 million dollars is the figure that Oracle require Google to use Java in Android next April 27 in a pre-trial hearing, which is scheduled to begin in May.

    Google will face over the coming months before one of its most important judgments of the company, before the legal dispute with Oracle for nearly six years by the alleged violation of copyright Android infringes Java


    the facts

    Why Oracle sued Google?
    Oracle sued Google in August 2010 for violation of patents and copyrights because Android API was based on the platform Java without permission . The software development kit (SDK) for Android was based on the application programming interface (API) for Java and Dalvik virtual machine was based on the Java virtual machine.

    Why the Android SDK is based on the Java API?
    When Google developed Android knew that the future of its operating system would depend on the reception of developers, and to draw the attention of the Google developers opted for Java , for the most popular programming language. Therefore, the Android SDK is based on the Java language and APIs, specifically Google used the free implementation of Java project Apache Harmony (project canceled in 2011 by these licensing issues). Google launched the 12 November 2007 the first version of the Android SDK.

    Why Google did not pay licensing Java?
    When Google launched Android platform Java was owned Sun Microsystems , and at that time Sun had no problems because Google will use Java APIs without any license, as former CEO of Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartzles, was not necessary, the Java APIs were free , just Google would have to pay a license if to promote Android used the brand and logo of Java, but it never happened.

    when Google started having problems with Java?
    Google began to have problems when Oracle bought Sun in January 2010. During the first months of this year, Oracle tried to reach an agreement with Google should pay them for a license, but Google refused to understand that the Java APIs were free , so that any company could create its own implementation based on Java.


    Android infringes copyrights of Java?
    in May 2012 Google He was found guilty of infringing the copyright of Java , specifically the structure, sequence and organization of 37 Java APIs present in Android , but was not convicted at that time Google to pay compensation because the judge had to see if these APIs were subject really the copyright and if they were, they would have to see if Google had made a reasonable use Java system, which would make its use it was admissible and that it did not have to pay. A month later, in June 2012 the juez He stated that the Java API was not subject to copyright rights, thereby rejecting the demand. Oracle appealed the sentence and en May 2014 gave reason, the judge said the company can protect copyrighted by certain parts of the Java programming language even though it is free. It is during the weeks when Google will have to convince the jury that has made reasonable use to avoid paying anything to Oracle.

    Android infringes Oracle’s patents?
    After a few weeks of being Google convicted of infringing the copyright of Java the jury sentenced in late May 2012 Android did not infringe Oracle patents , so the only issue to date is the copyright of the structure, sequence and organization of 37 Java APIs present in Android .

    What Oracle seeks compensation?
    Oracle believes that Google should pay 9,300 million dollars broken down into 475 million dollars in damages and 8,829 million for to the portion of benefits that would correspond Android using Java. Oracle requesting compensation is what earns about Alphablet in six months.

    Will you leave Android SDK to be based on Java?
    No, quite the contrary, least in the short term. Android N officially use Java, fails to implement its own Java-based version implement the free version of the development platform Java OpenJDK Oracle born after Android. Google cease to have legal problems with Oracle from Android N.

    What can save Google to pay compensation to Oracle?
    Well as we have seen Google would be freed to pay compensation to Oracle if it convince the jury that Android was a reasonable use without permission using 37 Java APIs. Fair use is a legal criterion which allows limited use of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner of such rights.

    Did Google reasonable use of Java?
    Well that’s what you have to decide in the coming months the jury. We wish it to be so for the sake of innovation and software development

    In Engadget Android. | someday will see an Android without Java?

    The news 9 questions and answers to understand the Android-Java-Oracle-Google mess was originally published in Engadget Android by Cosmos .

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    9 questions and answers to understand Java-Oracle-Google Android-mess
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    April 2, 2016

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