9 sites where you get much nicer pictures in Google Images

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  • 9 sites where you get much prettier than in Google Images Images

    If you’re looking photos Free stock for your projects, we suggest 9 websites better than Google Images where download beautiful images.

    One thing we all stuck ever see in the picture section of Google looking for pictures about anything. This has nothing wrong, in fact Google Images is an excellent tool for relevant images on any subject, to reverse lookup and discover if a photo is real or not, or know who the original author, and so many other cases. To what really does not work using Google Images is to look pretty pictures , free use, and we can use in personal projects or website, such as the cover of this post.

    When using images on the web is important to know what your license, who is the author and if this requires credit or royalties for their work. Use Google Images gives the impression to many that all that is there I can by elves, it is free and can use it wherever we want. Well, no. If you are looking beautiful photos and free stock use these nine sites I recommend below are a thousand times better than Google for the work.

    1. Kaboompics

     download pretty pictures


    Kaboompics can get beautiful free photos for personal or commercial use under extremely permissive licenses that do not even require disbelief. Get abstract images of cities and architecture, food, fashion, landscapes, technology, etc.

    2. Flickr

    The web Yahoo! photo is a great place find images under Creative Commons licenses, free use provided they credit the author. Now, look directly into Flickr is terrible, to make the job easier and more refined search, I recommend using special search engines, such as Compfight or PhotoPin .

    3. Libreshot

     download pretty pictures


    Libreshot is a library of free images for commercial and personal use, all photos are under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) so just select the name of the author where the use and you can do whatever you want with them. All photos are taken by Martin Vorel, the creator of the site.

    4. Life of Pix

     download pretty pictures

    Life of Pix

    Life of Pix it is a beautiful and minimalist web where you get high-resolution images free of copyright restrictions you can use both personally and commercially. Every week new photos are added and are donated to the public domain. Life of Pix is ​​possible thanks to an advertising agency in Montreal and its network of photographers.

    5. Negative Space

    download pretty pictures

    negative space

    Negative Space add 20 new pictures every Monday, every photo is published with its own raw file and all are released under a CC0 ICENSE, which means they are completely free of restrictions on use and can use them as you like without giving credit.

    6. SplitShire

    download pretty pictures


    SplitShire is another minimalist web with photos free stock copyright you can use as you like. Look directly at the site or browse by categories. They have some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen out there.

    7. SkitterPhoto

    download pretty pictures


    SkitterPhoto not only offers beautiful photos of public domain to download high quality but also the authors who submit their work to form part of the library take the time to describe the pictures and tell their story.

    8. Public Domain Archive

    download pretty pictures

    Public Domain Archive

    Public Domain Archive is a great repository of images in the public domain, place you can go and discover beautiful photos of different photographers to get inspiration or high quality resources for your projects. Every week new photos are added and in high resolution.

    9. Good Stock Photos

    download pretty pictures

    Good Stock Photos

    Good Stock is a library of free images relatively new use. To date, only have 250 pictures, but it adds a new everyday. They are also in HD, they are very beautiful and varied themes.

    If you want even more sites, you can have a look at this collection they did in the blog Canva , a tool we talked some time that lets you design graphics easily without being an expert designer does.


    9 sites where you get much nicer pictures in Google Images
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    June 12, 2015

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