A first look at Hivereader

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  • Hive

    Hivereader, formerly known as Hivemined, is one of the alternatives to Google Reader that I discussed at the time. The novelty is that this service has posted on his Twitter account the keyword that allows us to enter his service as beta testers, which gives us an opportunity to test and monitor progress. It should be noted that there is still some work to do and has its own development roadmap, but it is possible to use it.

    From what I have seen at first sight meets the intent with the it was designed, that of being a manager incorporating RSS feeds of their own community, so that we can subscribe to other users, which share those publications they deem interesting. That if moved away from the first screenshots we published at the time in your blog. Thus, in addition to our subscription, will access also shared publications relations “so cured” by those users you follow.

    Hivereader allows us to display subscriptions list mode or expanded mode, where at the end of each publication, we have a number of options that allow us to mark it, share it with or without notice within the community (our followers), and even share it on Facebook and on Twitter. It is curious that there is no option to share it on other social networks or via email, something is missing.

    Users have our profile page hivereader.com type / u / user , we can share publicly on any other platform. For those who feel faster with keyboard shortcuts, Hivereader has a few implemented, which will be shown in their quick tips.

    Better management of subscriptions, importing them from Google Reader using oAuth (for now lets you import subscriptions using OPML file), the inclusion of bookmarklets both subscribe to new sources to share, and a number of features, will be the next features to be implemented in addition to the bug fixes that will be found under we use the service.

    You see, alternatives to Google Reader, at this point, there are many, which already depend on each choice with that service you feel more at ease and meets their demands.

    Link: Hivereader

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    A first look at Hivereader
    Source: www.techradar.com  
    June 9, 2013

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