A great Soundcloud native application for Windows, Linux and OS X

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    A great Soundcloud native application for Windows, Linux and OS X

    Soundnode is an unofficial and open source application that lets you access Soundcloud from your desktop PC natively. It is absolutely great.

    If you have an Internet connection, you prefer to save space on your disk, and you like discover good music wherever possible perhaps already you have an account at Soundcloud for some years. The platform is known for offering many independent artists (and sometimes, mainstream ) the possibility to present their music and connect with fans.

    Soundcloud features a fairly large and special music library . With content posted by users, by known artists, for traditional radio stations or online; and it is also a breeding ground for podcasts. Soundcloud is a great community where anyone can upload their own sounds, and is, that on more than one occasion, have many musicians, hanging from songs to entire albums.


    application soundnode soundcloud

    Soundcloud mobile applications has quite acceptable, but nothing great. On the desktop you can only listen to content from the web, not the most comfortable and intuitive way of the world. This is where enters Soundnode , a wonderful open source application created by several developers to access Soundcloud all content from the desktop, and natively on Windows, Linux and OS X alike .

    Soundnode not even require installation, it is a portable application. You must log in with your account Soundcloud and you’re ready.

    The sound quality is excellent, you have shortcuts native keyboard on all systems can easily browse, listen to sources you follow, follow and leave follow users and search whatever you want.


    A great Soundcloud native application for Windows, Linux and OS X
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    January 27, 2016

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