A Hollywood casting with 152 reasons to have bad luck

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    A Hollywood casting 152 reasons for having bad luck

    Lassie, Beethoven, Rex … many dogs whose names gained worldwide fame after her appearance on the big or small screen. These animals are often heroic and courageous “man’s best friend”. However, the film has not tried to cats with the same importance and reputation. However, there are exceptions like the movie “Tales of Terror” , a feature film of 1962 where 3 stories based on tales of Edgar Allan Poe are narrated.

    One of the stories was chosen “The black cat” , where the woman has a feline protagonist ends up being very relevant to the story. For that reason, the producers of the film decided to hold auditions attended by 152 candidates for the role black cats. As collected in LIFE magazine , “it was the greatest call bad luck ever seen in one place” .

    Some of the candidates were disqualified for having the nose or white paws, black cats as they sought no other color in their fur. Finally, he was elected with a leading 7 extra (a very appropriate number) that act as substitutes. Certainly not difficult to tempt the worst fate time

    Credit . Ralph Crane – The Life Picture Collection / Getty Images


    A Hollywood casting with 152 reasons to have bad luck
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    October 17, 2015

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