A multitude of new details about Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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    Expect new amiibo based on the game.

    Liam Robertson -known for the Youtube channel Unseen64– and one of the most active on the role-playing and strategy Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle -who is yet to be officially announced – has revealed new details of this collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo, join the rabbits most mischievous of the world Rayman with the characters Mario.

    According to the new information, development began three years ago, with functional prototypes in Wii U. Was the brainchild of Ubisoft, who presented the proposal to Nintendo. Ubisoft Milan is in charge of the creative direction main, and although Nintendo oversees and approves everything related to your licenses, it seems that even the ideas more extravagant -and the sense of humor absurd – have received little resistance.

    All the playable characters have a type of skill tree to develop your evolution, improve or learn new ones. Is he gives the example of a passive ability of Mario to automatically fire to an enemy that enters its range of vision during the turn rival. Some of these powers are common to several characters, and others, such as an air pump of Peach to inflate enemies until they explode is exclusive.

    Other details

    there Is talk of an arena mode that promises co-op local. It seems that some versions mention a function online, but in recent tests does not appear.

    There are provisions compatibility with amiibo, and in fact there is a mode called amiibo machine. Ubisoft would be producing figures for some of the new characters.

    The initial plan was to announce the game in January, along with the complete presentation of Switch, but was delayed to be more polished.

    A rabbid Donkey Kong, one of the bosses

    The first prototypes included a rabbid of great size with aspect of Donkey Kong that would be the first head. I could pick up bananas and regain their health.

    The strategy to win was in cut off this supply of food and prevent curase the damage received. When a player is defeated, the rabbid dress Peach would bring out a mobile phone to do a selfie -a gesture that we can see in the promotional image has been leaked-.

    expected Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to be announced during the E3 2017.

    a Multitude of new details about Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    A multitude of new details about Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle
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    May 29, 2017

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