A phone that becomes a tablet of 7-inches, so it would be the first device foldable Samsung

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it is Not new that that Samsung and LG are competing for the future market of the screens folding. The own LG already has spent about three years working on this technology, and Samsung is not very far away from them. The latter, in fact, has been a time showing concepts of how it would be to your design once completed.

Also LG has shown what would your screens folding in the MWC last year, although they were far from being for smartphones given its size. But is Samsung the that could finally get ahead in this race to pretend, as reported by a source from the Korea Herald, get your first smartphone folding during the third quarter of this year.

The report says, in addition, that produced more than 100,000 devices folding in the third quarter of this year. The mobile in question, once fully deployed, would have a screen size of 7 inches, becoming, thus, in a tablet. They have not transcended details of the size that will be folded or hardware that you would use in general.

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Gives the impression that the Samsung is being quite optimistic with the term that have been given taking into account that several sources say that the Korean manufacturer has not taken a final decision on if you will see this year the devices for possible problems of profitability and marketing.

As we mentioned a few days ago Samsung before the end of 2016, he already had two patents new, showing in one of them that the device would have a design that could bend in half and that we have already seen in several sketches throughout this time.

Would it be possible for Samsung to comply with the term? Yes, it is possible, but we must be cautious in this aspect and not to be surprised if he ends up to 2017, and we continue to see only drawings of mobile phones that bend instead of having a device that you can touch and work correctly.

Via | The Korea Herald
Xataka Android | Mobile, flexible and foldable: the technological evolution that is still putting it off, now to 2018

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A phone that becomes a tablet of 7-inches, so it would be the first device foldable Samsung
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