Ace Combat 3 receives a translation made by fans that tells your whole story

Was cut and edited in the West.

Ace Combat 3: Electroshpere he came to the West without many of the missions and the video scenes and anime made by Production I. G -responsible for the masterpieces Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell-, suffering one of the worst locations to the overseas market that are remembered. Now, thanks to some fans and project Project Nemo, it offers the vversion japanese uncensored the title of the PlayStation.

A full edition 16 years later

Ace Combat 3: Electroshpere was released on the PlayStation in the year 2000 -in Japan a year earlier-, eliminating 16 of the 52 missions available and erasing of the disk all sequences in anime, featuring a story more lame and simple in the original. Now, thanks to the translation –something that is echoed by Dual Shockers– you can enjoy the version most comprehensive game.

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The game came to the West, eliminating the sequences anime and several of the missions; the translation offers the complete version

Obviously, in addition to the japanese version of the game, we will need to sdescargar a patch of translation to the ISO of both diskswhich you can find here– and follow a series of steps that come conveniently explained in the file readme of the package. Once installed, the game will be in English from beginning to end, without the questionable location made by Namco back in the day.

The new delivery, Ace Combat 7, will come to PS4 in 2017. You can know more of her, here.

Ace Combat 3 receives a translation done by fans who tells his story in full

Ace Combat 3 receives a translation made by fans that tells your whole story
December 16, 2016