Active and new Chrome home page

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    Yesterday we told that Chrome Beta for Android had updated with new gesture controls , in addition to significant additions as the WebRTC support for the stable . But it is not the only news that accompany the browser. There are hidden a new homepage , and show you how to activate it to start to enjoy it.

    The first thing to do is install Chrome Beta , and which is not yet available functionality in the stable version of Google browser.


    Once installed Chrome Beta opens a new tab and introduces chrome :/ / flags in the navigation bar. Look for the section titled “Enable the new NTP” and click on the button below that says “Enable”.

    Now just close the browser and re-run . The next time you open a new tab will surprise the new homepage Chrome . Of course, keep in mind that this is a test in what is already a beta application, so it may malfunction. In fact disappear features like voice search (it is, but leads to the normal search, not voice).

    As you see in the picture that heads this article the difference is more than noticeable (left is before upgrading and the new right). The visual design is much more , including the Google search engine as the main part, in the second most visited online to give us shortcuts and third two buttons that lead directly to markers and other devices , facilitating navigation from Chrome on our Android.

    What do you think this new startup tab for Chrome?

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    Active and new Chrome home page
    August 23, 2013

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