Activision: ‘Destiny did not meet the financial expectations’

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    Not to be owners of the license was a problem.

    During the presentation of its financial results, Activision Blizzard has tried to explain one of the most important decisions of recent months: the split with Bungie, which assumes that future Destiny will not be published by Activision.

    The chief operating officer Coddy Johnson answered the question with two reasons. The first is that were not owners of the license, unlike all of his other sagas “what we thought was a differentiator” with regards to other policies of the industry. “To control the license gives us the opportunity to try new experiences and models, which means new revenue streams and of course the structure of the economy more robust”.

    The second reason is that the shooter “it was the critically acclaimed, high-quality content, but not reached our financial expectations“. Activision had already made of this following the launch of the expansion of the Destiny 2: The Renegade.

    The decision also means that Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios -studios that had collaborated on the content postlanzamiento Destiny 2now will have greater freedom for their own projects.

    Bungie will continue to work on Destiny and perhaps other games; a few months ago he learned of the registration of the brand Matter.


    Activision: 'Destiny did not meet the financial expectations'

    Activision: ‘Destiny did not meet the financial expectations’
    February 13, 2019

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