Actress Robin Wright joins the cast of the second part of ‘Blade Runner’

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    • The actress is in “final negotiations” to join the cast of the film starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.
    • The only impediment to their participation in ‘Blade Runner’, shooting the ‘House of Cards’ series, has already been fixed.
    • the film will hit theaters in January 2018.

    Robin Wright

    The American actress is in “final negotiations” join the cast of the sequel to Blade Runner , starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, said today the journal Variety .

    Sources close to the production said that Wright was the desired actress for weeks, but shooting the House of Cards seemed to complicate matters . Finally, according to the publication, has found a solution to logistical problems and Wright will speak on the tape. The singer is currently engrossed in filming “ Wonder Woman , with Gal Gadot.

    The continuation of Blade Runner contains three characters relevant female and Wright will play one , as detailed by the magazine the Hollywood Reporter. the details of the character who will play in the film, which hit theaters in January 2018 are unknown . Denis Villeneuve, known for his work on “Prisoners” or “Sicario”, will be responsible for directing the film, in which Harrison Ford to reprise the detective Rick Deckard. it is expected that filming of the sequel starts in July next .


    Actress Robin Wright joins the cast of the second part of ‘Blade Runner’
    April 1, 2016

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