Adobe presents Photoshop CC on the iPad and new applications for creative professionals

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    During Adobe MAX, Adobe introduced the new Photoshop CC on the iPad that will allow users to open and edit files in the native PSD using the editing tools of Photoshop using the layers panel of Photoshop, already known for its users.

    in Addition to presentation of Project Aero, a tool that will allow creators to design experiences AR, and Project Gemini, an application for drawing. Adobe also made a presentation of Premiere’s Rush CC, the first application of video editing, easy-to-use and all-in-on for creators of social media.

    Photoshop CC on the iPad has been redesigned to achieve a touch experience a modern, with the capacity and accuracy of the desktop version. Photoshop CC on the iPad allows users to open and edit PSD files using the tools already known. With Photoshop CC via devices and for the first time in iPad, 2019, will be able to start a job in iPad and continue seamlessly on the desktop version through Creative Cloud.

    Project Aero, is a tool of creation of AR multiple devices which allows you to create augmented reality experiences. This is the first app AR created for designers and artists.

    we Also presented a new application to accelerate the work of drawing and painting through the devices, which is called Project Gemini and will be available for iPad in 2019. Combines brushes, raster, vector, and dynamic in a single application, combining the favorite brushes of users and working perfectly with Photoshop CC.

    finally Premier Rush CC has been designed for creators of online videos, by integrating capture, intuitive editing, color simplified, audio and motion graphics, with publication on social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, all in one package. The application allows you to access it from any place, and can be used in its mobile version or desktop.


    Adobe presents Photoshop CC on the iPad and new applications for creative professionals
    October 19, 2018

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