Adriana Ugarte and Emma Suarez, anger and reconciliation in promoting ‘Juliet’

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    • Suarez away from his partner saying “I’m sick of you!” While Ugarte kept saying “I did not say anything, what I have done? Do not let me down “.
    • Shortly after Ugarte published in his account Instagram a picture in which he appears with his partner, both smiling broadly.

    Adriana Ugarte

    The promotion of a film can be stressful and can affect the more serene. Put something happen to actresses title=”Adriana Ugarte” href=”” Adriana Ugarte and title=”Emma Suárez” href=”” Emma Suarez that staged a fight right after an interview , as quoting witnesses Europa Press .

    After leaving the studies of Onda Cero , Suarez was screaming his partner “ I’m sick of you! ” while Ugarte still did not understand the reason for the anger, saying “ I have not said anything, what have I done to you? Do not let me down. “

    Soon after, the actress Adriana Ugarte published in his Instagram account in which an image appears with his partner, both smiling broadly. A picture accompanied him the message:

    “> These two Mediterranean lobas SE AMAN” the truth is that promoting the latest film by Almodóvar, Juliet , is embroiled in controversy from the beginning , to be the director quoted in the papers called Panama, a list of alleged personalities with opaque companies in that country

    Following the publication of those documents, Pedro Almodóvar canceled his participation in all acts of promotion and not it has been left since.


    Adriana Ugarte and Emma Suarez, anger and reconciliation in promoting ‘Juliet’
    April 8, 2016

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