AESS Android Development Course in Barcelona

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  •  androidenero13

    This mini article is for all students that are near Barcelona and want to learn to program Android . The Students at my university (UPC) has created a mini android development course for learning to program applications.

    This course has a workload of 20 hours and price is € 60 for students of the UPC and 90 € for people outside the UPC .

    As you know, the student associations are self-financed activities and projects with these courses association and the general situation is … bad. So I think a good idea a little help by publicizing this type of course, apart from being baratitos are made by students for students.


    be validated with one elective credit for students ALE ETSETB. Other consulting centers.
    Essential Java skills

    Prices The price of this course is 60 € for students of the UPC and 90 € for people outside the UPC.
    20h Afternoon: 15h to 19h.
    Other times consult

    So if you want to start programming, or simply want to try experience, do not hesitate to apuntaros. I have already realized the course at the time and I loved it

    Join in Android course

    Extra: Arduino development course

     ArduinoUno If you like the electronic addition, the Association also has Arduino course with Android packages offered. Furthermore, we could say that in some way are related topics.

    – Processing + Android (100 €)
    – Android + Arduino (100 €)

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    AESS Android Development Course in Barcelona
    January 12, 2013

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