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Those who you have seen this telenovela, or just an announcement of it, can you suffer that mysterious spell with catchy songs and maybe when you read the title of today’s article, could you not avoid singing: “Agujetas color rose and a big ugly hat … “. This song marked us and also the soap opera we’ll talk, ‘ Agujetas pink

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the telenovela is the genre par excellence of a part of Spanish American television. No, it is not true, because the English have had, have and will have soap operas, also Americans and us, when we were able to capitalize on a series of chapters taitantos have done a thousand loves. But it is true that in countries like Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia have made an art of this word .

This is family series, with dark and sordid secrets, fatherhoods unrevealed good that much suffering and evil that anger leaves no breathing. And there are many kinds. Also for children, youth and adolescents. In recent years, we have surrendered to phenomena such as ‘Rebelde Way’, ‘Ugly Duckling’ or ‘Violetta’ , but if there is a soap opera that marked the desktops of many of us, that was’ Agujetas pink ‘which aired in 1994 by TVE.

Figure skating, the surprise guest

the plot itself does not have much direct and surely you remember many stories of this kind. Our protagonists are the Armendares family soon after starting the series suffer zasca of good: the parent dies and the good economic situation in which they live fades . And all because the mother of the dead father, that is, grandmother, who hates everyone, daughter and grandchildren, and the lawyer who is supposed to defend the interests of Armendares but playing dirty positioning for Grandma .

and then there are two levels of frames: adolescents and adults, although its development often go hand and go through the same stops: all behave the same and are driven by love and all that it can bring good. Jealousy, envy and so on. Only one thing can differentiate the two worlds: the teenagers remain intact their dreams and that makes them move and be proactive characters


But ‘Agujetas pink’ had a special thing. Its protagonist wanted to be an ice skater and sport, in fact, was one of the great inducements to see the show, it allowed us to enjoy other frames derived from the competition, success , accidents and pirouettes that glistened in the light of the spotlight.

Characters remembered

the protagonist of the story was Paola, which gave life the actress Natalia Esperon , who wore those shoelaces (what a laugh when we discovered they meant “stringers”) and who seemed to have everything to succeed. He fell in love with a handsome boy. Martin Davila, in the skin of an actor with the sonorous name of Flavio Cesar put

Another of the strengths of the series was in fact, the career of his male protagonist. Martin wanted to be a musician, singer, and his ambition, next to Paola, we gave tender and joyful moments. Not everyone was good, of course, but remember that being a teen telenovela, no action too horrible (if you think you cause an accident that your best friend is in a wheelchair is something pretty awful) and all bad, sooner or later received their punishment .

we can not forget the participation of the Angelica estupendísima María , every one of the great ladies of the Mexican telenovela, which gave life to the matriarch Armendares who gave all for taking your children on.


Almost more famous than the soap opera itself was the tune that accompanied the series and from which we can not stop talking. This is one group sang the dangerous curves but dating back to a topic in English 1959 version: ‘Pink Shoelaces’, who played Dodie Stevens. The original soundtrack of the series was led by this and other issues singing actors and some young celebrities of the time and was a bestseller .

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