Aldiko Book Reader Premium upgraded to v.3.0 with visual interface renewal

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    Aldiko Aldiko Book Reader Premium upgraded to v.3.0 with visual interface renewal For those who ye bookworms a handheld mobile device and do not use Amazon Kindle, sure know an application is quite popular as Aldiko Book Reader Premium. An excellent application that supports many file types such as popular .

    There are very good apps for reading on Android, others like Moon Reader or EZPD Reader are excellent examples of “eReaders” which you will read in your terminal with and even disparate various functionalities. In this new version of the popular Aldiko Book Reader Premium version, comes a whole renewal in appearance of the application.

    A new version provides an excellent visual appearance Aldiko, eReaders one of the longest-us on Android.

    Aldiko 3.0 has been designed with the aesthetic line as standard featuring Holo style and we have a applications that best exemplify the aforementioned design , with a great manufacturing which quickly discover when browsing for the first once this new version.

    class=”wp-caption  Aldiko Aldiko Book Reader Premium 01 updated to v.3.0 with visual interface renewal

    An excellent application for reading on Android

    Besides, the new update also brings some succulents improvements performance, the organization of the library and reading statistics. Although at the moment I must say that the user interface that appears in this new version is only available in the paid version, hoping it would not take long to get to the free version of the excellent Aldiko.

    Those that disbursed € 2.49 worth this great application , are in luck and from Google Play you can upgrade to the latest version.

    have not yet tested Aldiko have the free version from the widget that I provide below and if you tempted to try the premium version, you can also access from here to your purchase.

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    Aldiko Book Reader Premium upgraded to v.3.0 with visual interface renewal
    September 19, 2013

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