All new and fixed bugs Android 4.4.2

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    All were surprised a few days ago when suddenly started to get a new update via Nexus OTA. It was Android 4.4.2 a minor update, but with a few hours of difference to Android 4.4.1, even users who had not yet reached them latter. With the advent of 4.4.1, Google did not give too many details of what was new in it, only focused on the improvements mentioned that he had received Nexus Camera 5, however as we saw in our look at the latest news and arrangements Android 4.4.1 , there was much more behind many details that went unnoticed.

    Back It happened again with the upgrade to Android 4.4.2 , Google does not give a detailed changelog and a further improvement in the camera and other performance enhancements and bug fixes or errors are indicated. So in this post we will do a review why is really new in the latest version of the system, as well as some that were not known to 4.4.1.

    Camera (Nexus 5 only)

    As mentioned in the update to 4.4.1, the greatest part was the improved camera Nexus 5 , which has 4.4.2 continued to improve. The speed and accuracy of the approach, the extent of exposure, white balance and colors are more natural display is improved. The opening of the application is now faster, about 250ms and interface shooting HDR + so shows indicators what state is processed, giving the feeling that is faster. Also, I have not mentioned it in the post of News 4.4.1, have been added to the image size options 2MP (16:9), 1MP, and 720 × 480.

    hdr camera 2 May nexus hdr camera nexus 5  chamber sizes


    Fixed a bug that simulated “always put” appeared when the option to share with other applications, being chosen favorite applications without the user did. Also fixed finally the security breach affecting flash SMS type, already talk in this post , and allowed using block such messages, restart and even leave the terminal without a network connection.

    In KitKat was introduced the option to hold the Pause button in the widget music player on the lockscreen (or any other player that would support this action) to appear for a status bar of the song, however, not working in 4.4.2 and has been fixed.

    widget player

    In the new Dialer incorporating KitKat, when the user activated the dialing keypad, the only way to make it disappear again was pressing the back button, making a call or clicking on one of the cards. However, since 4.4.1 you can hide the keyboard by simply clicking on an empty part of the screen. A small sample of how they refine the interface.

    dialer kitkat

    is has continued to improve the appearance of the status bar / notifications. 4.4.1 Recall that in the bug that prevented the bar was translucent in the lock screen was fixed and improved alignment connections icons, coverage, battery and clock. Now it has also been fixed bar transparency in some cases, like when previewing the latest applications.

     notification bar notification bar 2



    what’s new in 4.4.2 is that Ops App , the screen from which to manage permissions and notifications of the applications we have installed, gone. This will annoy some users but in the words of Dianne Hackborn, an employee of the Android team at Google, this feature was intended only for development purposes and never by the end user to be accessible.

    Mention Also, as we saw with the arrival of Android 4.4, there is now a double gallery , first photos and other classical Gallery. 4.4.1 In direct access to photos from Camera was implemented, and this is a step towards full integration as default gallery and although no change in 4.4.2 and remain two , I must say that in recent devices Google Play Edition ( Sony Z Ultra and LG G Pad 8.3 ) the Gallery application has disappeared, leaving only photos.

     widget nexusae0_location_thumb

    widget shortcut to Settings so far allowed to change between on and off location, you can now also set to change the power saving modes. And in that there have been widget aesthetic improvements. Now is narrower vertically and icon has been redesigned Bluetooth when not active. Speaking of Bluetooth, Android 4.4.1 to only a maximum of 4 devices simultaneously connected to Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) since the update, let this limit has been increased to 7.

    And that’s it, or at least what is known . As you can see many small changes to go yet rounded and increasingly the system, polish to the smallest detail and correct the maximum errors and possible bugs. . Know if other new and have not been mentioned, please leave it in the comments

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    All new and fixed bugs Android 4.4.2
    December 14, 2013

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