All nominees for the 2016 Goya Awards

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    All nominees for the 2016 Goya Awards

    As planned, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain announced the list of nominees Goya 2016.

    Again Awards, and as happened with the awards of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globes, we repeat gala nominees this time of patriotic major film awards: The Goya 2016 , whose Awards nominees is already taking color and otean potential winners for the first quarter. While the awards gala comes, this is the official list of nominees for the 2016 Goya Awards, among which href=””> , movie we did review.

    Best Animated Short Film

    Best Documentary Short

    Best Short Fiction

    Best Special Effects

    Best Makeup and hairdressing

    Best Costume Design

    Best Art Direction

    Better sound

    Best Editing

    Best original music

    Best Production

    Best Editing

    • Unknown
    • Requirements to be a normal person
    • Truman
    • A perfect day

    Best Latin American film

    • ‘The clan’
    • ONCE
    • Magellan
    • Wedding Dress

    Best cinematography

    • The king of Havana
    • The bride
    • No one wants the night
    • A perfect day

    Best European Film

    • way to school
    • Levitatán
    • Mcbeth
    • Mustang

    Best Documentary Film

    • new Girls 24 hours
    • I am your father
    • salt Dreams
    • The advertising game

    Best Original Screenplay

    • In exchange for nothing
    • Unknown
    • Negotiator
    • Truman

    Best Leading Actor

    • Pedro Casablanc 0B ‘
    • Luis Tosar
    • Asier Etxeandía
    • Ricardo Darin

    Best Leading Actress

    • Inma Cuesta
    • Penlélope Cruz
    • Juliette Binoche
    • Natalia de Molina

    Best Supporting Actor

    • Felipe Garcia’wlz
    • Manolo Solo
    • Javier Camera
    • Tim Robbins

    Best Actress

    • Elvira Miguel
    • Marian Alvarez
    • Nora Navas
    • Luisa Gavasa

    Best Actor revelation

    • Miguel Herranz
    • Fernando Colomo
    • Alex Garcia
    • Manuel Burke

    Best Actress

    • Antonia Guzman
    • Aria Elias
    • Jordanne Cariosa
    • Irene School

    Best Adapted Screenplay

    • The bride
    • The king of Havana
    • A perfect day

    Best Picture

    • In exchange for nothing
    • The bride
    • No one wants the night
    • Truman
    • A perfect day

    Best Director

    • Paula Ortiz
    • Isabel Coixet
    • Cesc Gay
    • Fernando Leon de Aranoa

    Best New Director

    • Daniel Guzman
    • Dani de la Torre
    • Leticia Dolera
    • Juan Miguel del Castillo


    All nominees for the 2016 Goya Awards
    December 14, 2015

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