AllCast Beta comes to Android and Play Store, show you how to install

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    When Google introduced its Chromecast began to emerge alternative uses, and one of the most popular wine through the application AllCast of Koush , popular for his work on CyanogenMod. Thanks to this application it was possible to stream content directly from the phone Chromecast but ended up withdrawing by Google to use an SDK in beta. Now AllCast beta comes as a Google Play and we explain how to install it.

    The first thing, as every post in which the appointing Chromecast cause some confusion , we will make some clarifications:

    • Chromecast is a device that can send content, but not broadcast from Mobile, if not from the cloud. That is, we can tell from the mobile YouTube video that plays in Chromecast, but it is not playing mobile.
    • Koush discovered through a beta version of the SDK that I could go to Chromecast further and send content directly from your phone. I realized with the application AllCast.
    • Google withdrew the application because it was using a beta SDK, but said that when he came out of this phase of testing functionality would allow both the application and AllCast other.

    Chromecast SDK is still a beta , and therefore can not be sent local content from your mobile to Chromecast , so that no version of AllCast serves this purpose. Bad news, but the arrival of AllCast to Play Google assumes that when local streaming functionality will have it much easier available, and will not be more than an update.


    For now AllCast intended to be an application that simplifies mutlimedia services play in the home . Allowing local media is playing on any of our mobile home media server as players Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One or Samsung Smart TV, but we have tested and also detects other as Sonos. In our tests we found that only play video, and we have not gotten with photos and music, so if you find any please let us tell you how in the comments


    AllCast beta is a restricted use, so you have to follow some steps to enter it :

    ClockworkMod Beta Join the community Testers on Google+

  • to Join AllCast beta
  • Download AllCast of Google Play
  • And that’s it, and what we will say that the application will work while we wait for the desired function as local streaming Chromecast arrives.

    Application in Google Play

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    AllCast Beta comes to Android and Play Store, show you how to install
    December 2, 2013

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