Amazing macromural Palmitas in Mexico

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    Amazing macromural Palmitas in Mexico

    Made by the group of artists Germ, this mural, which has transformed the neighborhood Palmitas, is almost finished with his 20 thousand square meters of color.

    Palmitas is a neighborhood located in Pachuca, Hidalgo , in central Mexico. This neighborhood is located on a hill, in which live about 202 families distributed in 209 dwellings . Germ Collective, a group calling itself as exponents of the “new murals”, is in the process of a macromural 20 thousand square meters , making Palmitas as “the first magical district of the country.”

    With a government initiative, Germ , was summoned to carry out this colorful and monumental project. The group explains have been several months of work and are in a second stage, the color. At first everything was painted white, then the color distribution of the large mural was applied, however, does not end there, say urban artists germ that the mural to be experienced from within , is that there will be only details that can only be appreciated by digging into the streets and alleys of the neighborhood.

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