Amazon cancels series of David O. Russell by the scandal of Harvey Weinstein

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    At the end of 2016 announced Amazon had managed to secure the rights of the television series that David O. Russell was preparing. For if his presence wasn’t enough incentive, Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore were going to be their protagonists. What was supposed to be a bombshell, but the recent sex scandal of Harvey Weinstein, who was working as a producer of the same through The Weinstein Company, has led to Amazon to decide to cancel it.

    The question that remains is if Amazon was already considering to do away with it, since Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, made a statement this past summer in which he said that the television production company was going to give a turn towards gender programming to try to reach a wider audience. For their part, both Russell as De Niro and Moore have released a joint statement supporting the cancellation:

    Deniro Weinstein

    we Support the decision of Amazon to the light of the recent news and out of respect to all those affected. We decided together that it is best not to continue on with this series.

    it is clear that the bad press was going to accompany the series forward, but eye also to the fact that Amazon has been left with ‘The Romanoffs’, the new work of Matthew Weiner, creator of ‘Mad Men’. In that case, have decided to assume the position of sole producer of the same, regardless of the support of The Weinstein Company, why one yes and other not?

    so soon, the production work of ‘The Romanoffs’ was already in place. In the case of the series of Russell I imagine that will have been important to the support of those involved, as De Niro was going to charge $ 850,000 per episode, and could surely have claimed a good compensation for not having accepted the cancellation of good grade. In addition, they had already spent the whopping $ 40 million in it and by now they were only a handful of scenarios…

    Via | Variety

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    The news Amazon cancels the series of David O. Russell by the scandal, Harvey Weinstein was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Amazon cancels series of David O. Russell by the scandal of Harvey Weinstein
    October 14, 2017

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