‘American Horror Story’ renewed for a tenth season before the premiere of the eighth

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    a few months Ago it was announced the millionaire signing Ryan Murphy for Netflix, but what happens in such cases is that the new platform goes to stay with the series I believe from then on, leaving its previous successes in their “homes” of all life. The FX are well aware of this and don’t want to drop ‘American Horror Story’, so you have already renewed for a tenth season.

    it is Not for nothing the surprising news that the announcement of his renewal, but if we stop to look at a little of the details of the same if that is more exceptional. Currently is underway the eighth and was already confirmed as the ninth, so he had plenty of time to decide his future, but John Landgraf, CEO of FX, has not wanted to wait more, maybe to compensate for what happened with the second season of ‘Feud’, series co-created by Murphy?


    And is that FX has decided not to move forward with the second season of ‘Feud’, which was going to revolve around the Prince Charles and Princess Diana, for a problem with the scripts when it had signed the actors. The own Landgraf has commented that he hopes that ‘Feud’ returns to FX in another time, but this leaves his future up in the air.

    let us Recall in addition that the eighth season of ‘American Horror Story’ goes to the owner ‘Apocalypse’ and will premiere on the 12th of September. Other data essential is going to be a crossover between ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’, so surely fans of the series will be counting already the days to be able to see it.


    Via | Hollywood Reporter

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    ‘American Horror Story’ renewed for a tenth season before the premiere of the eighth
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    August 4, 2018

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