An ‘app’ allows you to control any door with the mobile

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    • The application might be in a future jubilee, the traditional keys.
    • The mexican Moses Trejo was designed within the program “Connects your World”.
    • The app will serve to technologically control both accesses private and public.


    SinLlave is a mobile application that promises to change the security on the homes of way final, allowing the user to control any access, whether private or public, from the phone, something that could move to the keys.

    The door of the garage, the office; barriers of parking, turnstiles of the subway; any type of access will be controllable technologically thanks to the help of devices with technology of the Internet of Things.

    The app was designed by Moses Trejo and selected into the program “Connect your World” of the mexican company Telcel, which aims to promote innovative projects.

    The application works from the connection between the mobile phone and the device that have been invented, which can adhere to the place and it has the size of a fist.

    “If you have any automated access, a garage with remote control, or something like that, we connect a device that is connected all the time to the internet,” explains Trejo Efe.

    secure Technology

    The technology aims to end the system of traditional lock and to do this you need to educate the people about that “this technology is more secure”.

    “people have a false sense of security”, ” says the young man, arguing that “the locksmith maybe it opens up more quickly your door without key that you same with your own key.”

    “This is absurd,” continued Trejo, who is confident that the people realize that “it is more likely to open your traditional lock to hackeen this new”.

    Trejo makes an association of simple, but effective: the ability to circumvent the computer security is not something that is out of the reach of many; a tutorial to learn how to circumvent the locks requires only a click.

    “We have a layer of security,” said the programmer, who adds that your goal is to constantly upgrade the system of protection. The app incorporates two novel technologies that Trejo baptized as Friction Zero, and Interoperability.

    The first is the ability of the app to provide the device (mobile phone, tablet) sensitivity to unlock the security the mere contact with the door, without removing the device from the pocket.

    The second defends the principle that a same device must be used to open all the doors.

    “At present, there are devices that serve only to the door of your house,” said the expert, who ensures that their ideas become disconnected from this dogma.

    Technology for all

    The technology of SinLlave is inclusive and allows a glimpse of a future in which people with physical disabilities or degenerative diseases that make it impossible to perform certain actions, they can fend for themselves.

    “Imagine someone with Parkinson’s” which you have to enter the key “in a lock is very small,” he says. With SinLlave this type of problems are eradicated, promoting the connectivity and comfort in a group of users that is diverse and plural.

    The application also features a system of authorizations in your interface, with which you can allow family members, domestic employees or even visitors who access your home with your own mobile.

    Currently, SinLlave fixed various objectives: the first is to make people aware about a new security model.

    Later, Trejo is planning a massive manufacturing, which would be followed by the marketing, aware that they must invest a lot on marketing.

    The application developed by Trejo and his team is further proof that the technology based on Internet of Things is a reality and enter with accuracy the hyperconnectivity to the day to day activities.


    An ‘app’ allows you to control any door with the mobile
    August 14, 2017

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