An essential step towards energy from hydrogen

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    An essential step towards energy obtained hydrogen from

    What is the reason that we have not implemented a plausible hydrogen economy? Every time we get closer to the day when we will enjoy a new, clean and virtually inexhaustible energy system

    We had no time to hear any interesting news on the economía hydrogen. But, luckily, research is unstoppable, but gradually. The new, however, are incredibly interesting past: are spending the last hurdles that prevented a more comprehensive and rapid development of an economy sustainable and realistic hydrogen. Does this mean that soon we will see the beginnings of an energy change? There are still many other issues to solve. What I have to say is that these are the first steps on the road to a cleaner, better and more energetic world.

    What is the hydrogen economy

    We call economy a hydrogen-based energy system that replaces fossil fuels, based on our current energy economy, hydrogen. And, why hydrogen? Hydrogen is the most abundant substance known universe. Furthermore, it is “easy” to store and is the protagonist of some of the most energetic chemical reactions in the world. Their products are usually harmless or even useful substances (depending on who react, of course). In addition, it is relatively easy and safe to handle . Therefore, hydrogen can store energy, as gasoline and can be burned to get it back. In short, a fuel that aims to be almost perfect.

    recharge hydrogen car

    The idea is that the hydrogen economy to replace one based on the current fuel economy, which have an expiration date. Additionally, these are highly polluting fuels have a draconian involvement in socio-political systems and for obtaining benefits has to sacrifice many of our ecosystems. Even the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels, such as biodiesel or bio-alcohols are terribly polluting. This being so, the question is: Why are we not using hydrogen and The The question is why are we not using the hydrogen economy idea of ​​translating our energy system to a hydrogen economy is not new. And assessment work has been in for decades.

    The main barriers are technical, mainly. For example, the production of hydrogen. 48% of hydrogen production comes from the production of natural gas; 30% comes from oil; 18% of coal; And the remaining 4% comes from water electrolysis. Therefore, we must significantly increase this percentage so that reduce dependence on fossil fuels for obtaining (which is absurd). To overcome this problem what is needed is technology that can provide an economic solution for the production of hydrogen. Another key issue to resolve is in storage. Needless to standardize a system that allows storing hydrogen, transport and use. How impediments we can also count on the dependence we have on fossil fuels, which affects us to the absolute points. One problem against which we must fight at the time.

    The first steps to a true hydrogen economy

    Fortunately, as we said, every day we are closer to seeing a Real economy and normalized hydrogen. One of the main problems is the extraction of the hydrolysis. This is because it needs from rare and expensive materials such as platinum, iridium or gold. These form a key part of the energy process. It’s like a bottleneck that prevents the hydrogen economy advance faster. However, several recent studies suggest that these materials can be replaced by other more common. And cheap. materials containing phosphorus, sulfur and cobalt. These The team has achieved a catalyst with phosphorus, sulfur and cobalt catalysts enable the reaction to occur for a viable and cost-effectively, reducing the energy needed to start the reaction.

    In addition, these catalysts are involved in a fundamental reaction that can improve any process of energy production: either by solar energy, or any other conventional electrolysis. The team has already tested a prototype and it seems that everything goes smoothly. Considering that another bottleneck, the storage is already being solved and existing cars that run on hydrogen and “stations” of hydrogen ( hidrogeneras) it seems that the first steps towards the hydrogen economy are already underway. They are the steps of a path that will probably be long and tedious. But it may be one of the most interesting available to us in our future. Now we just wait to see the next move.


    An essential step towards energy from hydrogen
    September 15, 2015

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