Analysis of the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat

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     KitKat bath eal

    The news fell like a bomb and has spread all over the Internet in within minutes. The new version of href=”” Kat” Kit and 4.4 will be called KitKat. After the first moments of shock and wonder if it was a joke or if this was the real name, it is so. Gone are long months of rumors and information almost confirmed to be called Key Lime Pie and would jump to 5.0. Total change of plans.

    name, KitKat

    Google thought called Key Lime Pie to the next version of Android, including its abbreviation KLP used as internal reference. But KitKat get something they would not have with KLP, brand recognition . Already fan submissions for HTC or Samsung, we saw that appointed Android word rarely, if they did. So many people are directly confuses Samsung Galaxy Android like who still believes that all tablets are iPads.

    Not everyone knows the names of all versions of Android, or which are called as sweets or desserts. Google wants to create a link from the phone you use and the knowledge that Android has nothing better to use a popular word KitKat.

    Android as advertising image

    KitKat’s name means that millions and millions of people around the world have the name in the mouth of sweet chocolate bars, which already were famous. But the first thing that comes to mind to know that this product of Nestle is chosen to represent the entire version of Android is the huge amount of money that would have paid the company to Google. It is certainly good marketing , advertising everywhere and everyone talking about them and not just for the next few days, because “KitKat” will go down in the history of Android.

    Well according to the BBC told John Lagerling , director of Android global relations, Nestlé and Google no economic agreement to use the name, just this was the favorite sweet of the Android team members and one day it occurred to them to put it as a name, as it may not everyone would like key lime pie (Key Lime Pie), so they decided KitKat put as fun. They got in touch with Nestle and were delighted. Not to be, one benefits the other and vice versa.

     KitKat-android.png When the news was made public, KitKat (chocolate bars, not the Android version) does not has taken is to dig up all his campaign. Both on its website, , where they present the typical tablets how if they were a terminal, bringing sweetness to technology, showing the features ‘technical’ and design sketches. And to complete all this, have risen video a YouTube parody of Apple and presentation of products, also announcing that the packages can be won Nexus 7 and cards that are redeemable at Play Store.

    Watch the video

    A version for all?

    In the enabled Web to present the evolution of all versions and the announcement of KitKat, we can see the salient features incorporating each version, but to get to the new Android 4.4, we only see one sentence. “Android KitKat Our goal is to create an amazing Android experience and available to anyone “.

    This sentence is disturbing and interesting at the bottom. The first thing we can think to read is that this version may be bet for full compatibility with devices more modest specifications, although as we have seen before, this is useless if the terminals already in the market are not updated by their manufacturers. A little over a month since I had Jelly Bean 4.3 and we have a new, KitKat. Is it necessary, or just cause more fragmentation? Well, it depends how you look.

    It is true that the share of 4.3 currently on the market is very small, but it is also true that most changes “external” , which the user actually sees and that after all create the need to update, system have been separated and are offered to the user in isolation , either through Google Play Services or by improvements made in Google applications separately, like the keyboard, the new camera, gallery, maps, etc.., which ultimately leak and are compatible with all devices, not just those who have the latest version.

    But the decision to keep the numbering in 4.x changing the name, which was up 4.3 Jelly Bean, perhaps involving major changes at the system level, it is still early, we should expect to have more information and see what actually refer to “available to all”.

     android 4.4 kit kat

    Post Date and Time

    Another issues “curious” of this announcement so sudden comes directly with the time that has been published to the world. On a day in which Apple also said the date of the presentation of their new phones, just a few hours of starting IFA in Berlin, a few hours after learning that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s mobile division, one days in which all these things have happened , which are not nonsense, will Google Sundar to the head and says “KITKAT”. Boooom all busted. A word so short, as known so far, so separated from the world of technology, internet and floods do not talk about anything else, eclipses everything.

    Google has it all controlled to the millimeter , scheduled the second. Nothing is random. In July, Google I / O, Moto X shortly after, a week ago out of the Nexus 7 and lower price of Nexus 4, now this and probably soon the new Nexus 5. Months and months gaining attention and diverting others have continuously.

    From free system and less than ultra popular and commercial

    just a few years ago Android was still in diapers and Now we will take all the shelves of all candy stores in the world. The agreement with Nestlé will not only brings benefits to them from exposure to the world with Android, but Google also benefit massively in popularity of KitKat . The Android name and logo will appear massively in all supermarkets and places where we do not normally see them custom. Of course, this will also help the more than 50 million packs of bars to be sold with references to the Google system. Android as a form of advertising in the world , the little green robot larger image marketing campaign in recent years and walks with 1000 million devices . Billion.


    Android 4.4 and Nexus 5

    Finally, with the announcement of KitKat perfect circle is closed for the next presentation of the Nexus 5 . Little is known about him, but with this and the price cut of the Nexus 4 for liquidating stock is clearer than ever that will come very soon. Surely between October and November but long before and know more details , stir occur again we talked about before.

    Those rumors have already begun and not even been a few hours since the announcement. As I have taught , we may have seen the first image would be the Nexus 5 in the promotional video. By the way, through carelessness or anything, those are the options, but the point in giving that talk. Being on everyone’s lips at any time and now with KitKat, anywhere.

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    Analysis of the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat
    September 4, 2013

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