Analysis of XCOM 2: probably the game of the year for PC

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    XCOM 2

    Firaxis has I done it again, this time with a more dramatic and cinematic touch. And we fall back on the excuse of aliens invade Earth , because we love to sit down and plan combat tactics. A squeeze the brain in this futuristic chess is XCOM 2 probably the game of the year for PC. XCOM Enemy Unknown hit us in the face to everyone, and the reboot of the series, which started back in 1994, was praised in all media and among players. With this high bar that left Enemy Unknown, the wow factor is obviously no longer have with XCOM 2 … we can only hope a great game, and boy it is.

    It’s been 20 years and start from scratch is more, to have the world support us to wipe out the aliens. We have lost the war, the aliens dominate the planet and promise a bright future, while keeping frightening plans for us. We’re screwed, but a small resistance group is coming together to revive the XCOM. We can still take these bastards, with the help of an alien spacecraft that will be used as a basis.


    This base, being a ship, you can move around the world, being one of the first objectives is to make contact with the regions around our base. As in XCOM 1 as we move through the world in this regard, you will increase our revenues and the number of scientists and engineers at our disposal. Part of micromanagement will be familiar, where you have to go clearing debris to build laboratories, power supplies, training bases for soldiers, etc. ## They are among us

    After a few hours you can return overwhelming with too much data and tasks occurring at the same time, but the game manages to be always very clear. Do not worry, it’s normal overwhelmed at times, you look for Firaxis with this release, constantly pushing to make decisions. Screw up the constant fear and want to go back is there. I think this is more difficult than its predecessor , especially when the randomness in generating the map back to haunt you. It has happened once I had to lower the difficulty only to that stage because it was impossible.

    If we add a limited number of turns in various missions, or even the use of an account slightly down from seconds to execute the movements … we see that Firaxis wants to fuck. And good. Being something masochistic must admit that was what we needed. There was a point in which Enemy Unknown was a breeze and we were on a bed of roses hitting shots and researching more powerful weapons.


    The development team did not want acomodáramos us wanted to see us reach the limit and check whether we really know squeeze our resources, if we are able to take advantage of every feature of our soldiers . They also wanted to take away vice Guard (barricade waiting for the rival movement), the option that abusábamos in the first half to win the game.

    XCOM 2 constantly pushes you, and urgently, to make difficult decisions

    Returning to the tranquility of which I spoke earlier, something of which we enjoyed roughly along Enemy Unknown, Project Avatar is a response, such as punch in the face for the ready to try breakfast parsimoniously as a game shows. The game forces you to not deviate too much from the main mission with this project, which is being prepared in the background and basically consists of the annihilation of the human race. Through a red checkered top bar informs you of the progress of Avatar, whose progress must stop as or already are carrying a previous game. Dark events, meanwhile, at random, and if not stop them get through some missions can ruin your day. For example, removing provisions or complicating the battle with stronger aliens.

    The truth is in here

    One of the issues to improve the repeatability Enemy Unknown was objective and maps. This has been greatly improved in the second installment, which generates scenarios procedurally, with many more details than in the first part, which can be easily checked by restarting the same mission. Still see the classic “rescues the VIP”, “capture alive X alien”, “annihilates all and go home”, etc.

    As for classes, they are now much more flexible and have trees more powerful and elaborate renovation, emphasizing tactical-rolero look with great success. As before, the units level up and automatically take a class, from there we can choose two branches for each class. For example, the command can follow the path of stealth or become a master swordsman. On the other hand, the specialist can be a doctor or hacker battle combat. These new mechanics are what most caught my attention , as the deadly sword attack or system hacking robotic enemies


    Another playable novelty is the possibility of ambushes. This is because in some missions we have the advantage to be hidden; enemies will not see us until we enter a certain area or make noise, taking advantage of our units to guard and cause a fire. Thus, all move to our position falling into the trap and receiving fire from units on guard.

    The new procedural maps are much more varied and challenging

    Even with everything under control, missions can become desperate, anxiety of trying to make it perfect. At lot of times we will be in the position to allow a soldier takes damage or even sacrifice to move forward.

    Now everything is more spectacular and cinematic, with traveling to amazing camera for those times when the that you hit the shot. Graphically the game is completely updated to today’s standards , adding, for example, ambient occlusion, giving you that extra drama in the shadows. Although at first sight everything seems like Enemy Unknown, the detail in every sense is pampered to the extreme, with high quality textures and lots of graphical options we have to sweat the graphics card.

    Another improvements in the interface shown in the chart of weapon that has the soldier at the bottom right corner, which, if you have an improvement in that weapon, we will see a highlight in green. These are small details that make the difference with the previous release.

    XCOM2 -6

    Too bad bugs in the multiplayer, with units that make strange positions, visual glitches and improved overall performance. Also this will be fixed in subsequent patches, as usual. Since mention the multiplayer, I personally like rather slow, although I suppose there who pleases

    Finally, it is really incredible work you are doing the community with the mods.; the time of this review there are whopping 614 . Some are very funny as one that lets you put the Stormtrooper armor or that of Mass Effect, and other perhaps more useful, such as one that allows you to freely move the camera or one with which you can evacuate all units with a single button, instead of going one by one. In any case, the game already has a huge number of options when it comes to aesthetically customize the squad, well above Enemy Unknown at this sentido.9.5Quizá stand before the game of the year for PC, is that XCOM 2 meets all the requirements to become the perfect sequel: more and better. If this is your first time in the series, fear not, you can boot directly from here. But if you come from Enemy Unknown, perhaps you do not take a surprise first-hand, but still playing and begin to envision all the work he has done Firaxis years. Not only in the graphics, up to date and nothing to envy big that are coming as The Division, but in everything else.

    Play is more frantic than before, gives us few breaths, it is urgent to take its mechanical limit and make tough decisions. Yes, it’s more complicated than before, but also easier to control and manage all the wealth of information it provides. However, I think it’s more fun and rewarding Enemy Unknown, a widely refined this version, the new engine procedural maps, a real challenge mission to mission. From here, thanks to Firaxis and 2K to continue betting, and successfully, for this genre of strategy.- procedural maps, patterns are repeated much less than before – visual aspect that will squeeze your graphics card – Classes and more flexible powerful for soldiers, making it even more tactical. – Some bugs, glitches and improved visual performance – can overwhelm the huge number of tasks simultaneously – Slow pace in the Multiplayer


    Analysis of XCOM 2: probably the game of the year for PC
    February 18, 2016

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