Analysis SUHD range of Samsung: many improvements, one name

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    Analysis SUHD range of Samsung: many improvements, one name

    Analysis and explanation of the features encompassed in the range SUHD and why they are better than the 4K TVs introduced last year.

    European Forum Samsung in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where Samsung introduced its new products for 2015 the European market. Their televisions SUHD are one of the most important releases.

    What is SUHD?

    All new high-end TVs, nicknamed SUHD Samsung, have the highest offer higher image quality.

    Consumers just know what is 4K UHD with the introduction of the new TVs of the major brands. Barely a year after Samsung introduces its SUHD range.

     Nits, nits, nits.

    Nits, nits, nits.

    But … What is SUHD? Is a new standard within the UHD? ┬┐Simple marketing?

    SUHD is the way in which Samsung calls its best TV , is not a new standard or incorporate something totally different from competition. But you have to understand that Samsung wants to gather all these improvements in picture quality that consumers do not know, in a range identified as premium and identificatorio of the best TVs that Samsung has made.

    With its latest TVs 4K UHD LED, Samsung has made clear its commitment to the LCD and its improvement, especially in this year 2015. Furthermore its commitment to the curvature of the panels is total models only come to Spain Curved of SUHD range.

    The three new series that make up the SUHD line are the JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500. In total, Samsung has introduced a total of nine televisions SUHD between the three series . All these models have the same characteristics that define their SUHD range: fidelity and superior color spectrum shown by using their Quatum dot nanocrystals AKA (although Samsung seems not to like recognizing that uses the same technology as the other) <. / p>

    The S of SUHD can be “arrogant”, “super”, “sophisticated” … What is clear is that it is marketing. No official explanation

    SUHD. Surpassing the limitations of LED

    I have always defended technology href=””> plasma and OLED , because I consider the contrast and black level are the main features in picture quality when watching movies in our homes. But LCD TVs are still the leaders.

    Last year all LED gave us more pixels, resolution. This year Samsung does not offer us more pixels, offers better pixels.

    I could try new SUHD live TV and watch developments in image quality, and could see and enjoy each. It’s a great year as far as image quality is concerned.

    All aspects that I tried to comment on the JS9500, the best SUHD model Samsung . Note that there are more televisions nanocrystals and HDR, but wanted to try the flagship and my following impressions are based on that model.

    HDR TV

    To find out what is HDR Video os href=””> where he explained. It was the theoretical side, luckily I could see for the first time in the show room of Samsung. He has not let me down, I loved it.

    I could see The Life of Pi remastered in HD on a small demo and the result is very good, been years since I saw an advance that was not purely mathematical. Something that would give a new dimension to the image in our home, and I think the HDR does it perfectly. Thanks to the high luminance SUHD TVs (1000 nits peak in the JS9500) sun flares, fireworks and lights come alive .

    Full-array Local -dimming backlight

    To achieve this high contrast and dynamic range must give two characteristics: the black is as complete as possible and that the peak luminosity is very high. Something that seemed impossible due to backlight LCD with all. Samsung has solved, or at least improved, turning off lighting zones on your JS9500 (responsible for Samsung told me that hundreds of points, but the exact number). So does have areas with little gloss and black very good taking in the scene a spotlight elsewhere.


    This is an incredible improvement, but not comes to the possibility of the OLED completely extinguish all and each of its pixels, yet the JS9500 is one of the best TV I’ve ever seen never and was pleasantly surprised to processing and off by area. The shutdown area achieved some better than others SUHD lighting on the sides like other LCD LED much black market.

    Quatumm dots

    While Samsung does not want use that name , is the technology that Sony and other manufacturers have also begun to use. The dots or points are actually nanocrystals, tiny crystals, applied to blue light LED lighting up all LCD TVs. They emit a specific wavelength of red and green combined with blue LED lighting, can achieve much brighter images and a color spectrum much richer.

    Thanks to this, Samsung has achieved enlightenment maximum of 1000 nits, very superior to conventional LCD with a maximum brightness of 300-500 nits.


    The color spectrum that can achieve is now much higher, which together with its 10-bit color palette color achieves greater coverage than standard Rec 709 used in almost all the media we consume in Currently, ie, the largest color spectrum does not have many advantages today, but Samsung is in the UHD partnership with Disney and Fox and standardization of best color is a priority.

    First conclusions JS9500

    I have to see the new 2015 LCD LED TVs Panasonic and Sony, and test them on an equal footing before a comparison, but first impressions of this TV are excellent. The Samsung JS9500 offers the greatest clipping limitations of LCD I’ve seen in a long time, and although I think the OLED technology is better, the picture quality of this TV is amazing.

    Your Octacore processor achieves that 4K video processing with much movement, I saw a demo of people walk, do not leave artifacts in motion, achieving well above the 4K TVs midrange and low .

    Samsung believes in the LED, and JS9500 is your flag on the image war. He has not disappointed me


    Analysis SUHD range of Samsung: many improvements, one name
    February 14, 2015

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