And what about this who was it?: How to add notes to your contacts to be displayed when you call

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    sometimes the name is not enough to remember who we’re calling. In our phone book we have not only our family and close friends, many times we numbers of fellow workers, people of key or well-known than at any time gave us his number but we don’t have a close relationship.

    To solve this lack of memory arrives, Call Notes Pro, an app of the most complete that allows us to add notes to contacts and we will appear just when we are calling. A reminder that we will be great to pick up the phone and remember who is on the other side.

    Call Notes: a complete application to add notes to contacts

    Call Notes can show us a message to you, the company, position, birthday, closest event, the last call… the amount of information is very customizable. This is the easiest to configure, we only need to go to the list of contacts, choose one and add the text. Call Notes

    The application in addition to syncs with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote, if we want to synchronize these notes. Unfortunately we do not have support for Google Keep, although the developer has been improving little by little the application.

    Calls attention to how complete it is and the large amount of settings available. It is logical, since it is a paid app with a price of 1,49 € .

    Fortunately it is justified as all the details are taken into account, from the aspect of the note, the font size, type or for how long we want to display the note.

    it Is an application designed to be able to have on the phone, a phone book full. Or rather, a manager of relationships with clients, staff, very useful for professionals who are dedicated to a phone call usually such as employers, interviewers, vendors, lawyers or journalists.


    The notes will appear both on the desktop and from the application call that we have chosen. Call Notes allows us to modify the note from the app and during the call, very useful for if the message had pointed to changes due to the conversation being held.

    we can Also put notes, numbers unknown, and is compatible with Wear OS in order to receive the call from the watch we also display the annotation. As we say, an app of the most complete to add notes to contacts. A trick very particular, but enough useful to make it worth paying for an app as well.

    Call Notes Pro

    Call Notes Pro

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    And what about this who was it?: How to add notes to your contacts to be displayed when you call
    April 7, 2018

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