Android 4.4 partially limits the writing on the SD card

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  • Android 4.4 MicroSD partially limits the writing on the SD card


    Apparently it was found that guidelines for Android 4.4 micro SD card have been updated and largely restricted to applications written in part on the external storage.

    For many, there is the possibility of to acceder to files and folders from the external memory from a computer desktop leads to errors and problems on the device may occur.

    In regard to Android, iOS distinguishing is that supports the external storage as seen in dozens of devices that appear today. And as you can see in the new guidelines, the aim of Google is directly addressed to internal storage from which you have everything you need for your device, such as in the Nexus devices.

    Taking a little back in time, when Google opened the doors to external storage from Android 1.1 in Android 4.1 was limited with READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. And with Android 4.4, with the modification WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE with important limitations to do in the external storage terminal, it seems that is encircling the possibilities of writing on the micro SD.

    Now the permit will allow selected applications write to the SD when they have their own directory . What Google wants is to call the SD card as a secondary external storage and internal storage as the primary external. So both applications can only read and write in their own directory on the SD, negating the ability to read / write to other files and folders owned by another application. This measure is for the safety and what it will entail is that certain browsers files may not create, delete or rename files on the SD locations.

    A change that is not being well received by the Android community to take more control if possible by the operating system and Google goes against one of its top to give more freedom to the user as they do other OS like iOS.

    More info – App2Zip or how to create your own from the comfort of your Android

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    Android 4.4 partially limits the writing on the SD card
    February 19, 2014

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