Android Auto is already available for all the cars using your smartphone

Android Auto

two years Ago, after much effort, was released at the end Android Auto, the operating system for the cars of new generation. Today, more than 200 models of cars spread across over 50 manufacturers support Android Auto, slowly. But it must be so slow that Google does not like, with what he has searched for a solution.

Since there is competition in the world of operating systems for cars, Google has decided to look at the vehicles that are not compatible with Android Auto. Or better said, were not compatible with Android Auto, because any user may use this operating system on your vehicle, even if it has no display.

And how does this Google? Simply using the screen of your smartphone, is Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, using an interface that, according to the search engine, it is friendly to the driver, only with the tools you need for the trip and putting aside the distractions.

The phone can be connected to the screen of the car or don’t have it, they are simply connected to the vehicle so that Android Auto enter work by providing access to essential the most comfortable way. You can use apps of music, such as Spotify, Google Play Music or Pandora, or you can call or send messages using voice commands.

If the phone is paired via Bluetooth to the vehicle, Android Auto can be started automatically. For now Google is working on improving the support of voice commands, so you can access the different features using the command “Ok Google”. the Android Auto 2.0 will come to more than 30 countries in which this operating system is supported.

If you are interested in receiving this update, you only have to register (or to identify you if you already are) in the web Android Auto to receive an e-mail when that update is available.

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Xataka Android | ¿How to use Android in the car while driving and without touching the mobile?

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Android Auto is already available for all the cars using your smartphone
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