Android GO: a brilliant idea converted into a landfill of components out of date

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    Android Pie Go Edition

    Not so long ago that to find an Android phone really fluid required a good study time. Some generations ago, the good performance was limited to the high ranges, and not even to all, and to descend the ladder of the market meant making too many sacrifices. We stayed out of space, we had to support mobile working pulls, and even operating system errors, yet without the maturity that it enjoys today.

    With the time, this was changing, and because it is easy to find phones solvents in almost all categories of prices. But still there is something that weighs heavily on the cheaper, the overhead of layers that they do you a big favor. To do this, and for the emerging countries, he was born Android GO a great idea that started to become, little by little, an excuse for manufacturers to empty their warehouses. Components of another era that are put back into circulation, and for that it is not worth the excuse of the area. Are sold all over the world.

    Reversing the intentions of Google

    Android Go

    In his plan to gain prominence in front of the layers of customization, and subtract some power to the image of each brand, Google introduced programs Android One and Android GO, one of which is already well known while the second one starts to get shy. is Initially intended for developing countries, also so-called emerging markets, should provide a good performance in phones that would not endure for the entire system. Much less with a coat over his shoulders, which is the case of not a few manufacturers.

    Android GO was going to offer phones in economic development areas. Today offers mobile outdated in almost all of the planet.

    The presence of Android GO, with the limitations imposed by Google itself, was to ensure that the phones are less potent functioned in an acceptable way, without compare with higher standards, and to facilitate the birth of phone less powerful as they might not be dump phones, but smartphones in their own right. The problem is that these phones is no longer located in specific areas but are sold to worldwide, and that have no features, or prices, according to this 2018.

    Devices that now reach the global market of mobile phones, carrying Android GO as a guarantee of updates and fluency, but is equipped with blocks of memory that already seemed to be forgotten in 2018, and that are out of date in terms of requirements. Models with 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage. Processors that should already be flopping to fabricate and, in general, components that seem, by all accounts, she had been cornered in a warehouse, and they find a new life.

    Components “raised”


    it Is inevitable to have a sense of journey to the past when you see phones like the wiko site Sunny, with its 512MB of RAM, or your processor of quad-core A7, which brings us back to another era. Or as a Mini model, even with less battery power. By the way, none of the two-with 4G connection, mobile stuck in 3G a few months of the release of the 5G. Models such as the new Galaxy J2 Core Samsung, also covered in Android GO and that at least offers 1GB of RAM, but keep the 8GB of internal space.

    are Not the only ones, of course. We have the Alcatel 1, the Nokia 1 or Vodafone Smart N9, whose model Lite is GO and has 1GB of RAM. Yes, this last one raises the bet to the 16GB, which already represents a figure which, although still insufficient, in 2018, is at least defensible on phones, ultra-low range. The problem will come in as soon as you install two apps account and turn on the alarms in the storage. is Because, remember, we are in 2018.

    apps grow in size each year, and also in requirements. It is never a good idea to resurrect memories “of the past”, and less relying on versions of Android designed for anything else.

    The apps are growing in size and requirements, the Android market stretched to have as leaders of catalog with 8GB of RAM, and storage that come to 512GB, and the arrival of Android GO, that should make it more usable models more modest, which is leading to is that the market to lengthen towards the back. The models with 1GB of RAM, that should be extinct at this point, now have a new reinforcement on the part of manufacturers, who, betraying the philosophy of Android Go, take these phones everywhere. More of a problem than a benefit, as the prices that are sold either arrange a great thing.

    I Hope to be able to see the program Android GO tried a different way. Moving phones with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and processors with 2/3 years of seniority, and not chips and other parts that the market and its evolution have been cornered. At the time of the truth, all has been twisted. And even though to recognise it, rather than purchase some models with Android GO circulating out there, it is best to spend the money on a mobile phone fool. Preferable is to not have WhatsApp, you have it and get desperate with the slowness of the phone. Today the low ranges do not already have 512MB of RAM. At least, there were none.

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    Android GO: a brilliant idea converted into a landfill of components out of date
    August 26, 2018

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