Android N Preview 2: Finishing the Camera app

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    One of the most used applications on any smartphone is camera . To date, Android has offered a fairly efficient by default but with many shortcomings and failures compatibility, so each manufacturer introduces its own app and Google Play is full of alternative, free and paid.

    preview 2 Android N has left a new version of the House application that, if it is indicative of what will be the final, it will not leave too satisfied users who are asking for more, about all those with Nexus devices.

    Very few changes from the third version, which has been available for a few months. interface, which is one of its strongest points so clean and clear that presents the scene being photographed fully respected. Only seen Simple redesign of the buttons shooting gallery access and change camera in addition to the removal of part of the action buttons Special .

    On the left you can see screenshots of the new camera app Android N taken by the user Reddit nicknamed Little Confuncy, and on the right the current version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


    therefore, continuing shortcomings lead users wanting to look a bit more alternative. still does not offer the possibility of tinkering ISO, aperture or white balance . Nor they have included some filters that alter the scene, much less a full editing mode.

    It is with HDR options, spherical photography, panoramic, slow motion and blur effect, the jack, queen and king who has accustomed us Google for your camera. And if it was enough scraping up today, unimproved no expectations that go better.

    More information | Reddit
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    Android N Preview 2: Finishing the Camera app
    April 14, 2016

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