Android Oreo comes to the Honor 9 spaniards in the form of a beta: so you can join us

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    Honor9 Oreo android Beta spain

    The updates are the main problem of Android is, in many cases do not reach and, when they do, take too long, that is so. This is the main reason that the beta versions are becoming an increasingly extended when it comes to launching new versions.

    With the system of betas, the brand released a version that is still to Polish and ask for the opinion of the users to solve the potential problems that may arise up to get to the final version and stable. What we have seen with the Nokia 8, Samsung is doing with the Galaxy S8 and now it’s the turn to Honor with your Honor 9.

    Android Oreo was presented officially on the 22nd of August and, as is often the case, the updates still have not picked up traction enough. There are brands that to speed up the process opt for the formula of the betas or test versions, a form of get the latest Android before you have the final version, which is just what I Honor just made.

    Honor looking for beta testers to test Android Oreo in Honor of 9 and has already opened up the testing program in Spain, the downside is that the seats are limited, and only be able to benefit from 100 users of the Honor 9, so if you are interested in, you’ll have to give you a rush.

    How to sign up for the beta program of Android Oreo for the Honor 9

    Enter the beta program of Oreo for the Honor of 9 it is the most simple, the main obstacle would be that they are squares because the process has no complication and mainly consists of downloading an application.

    To be eligible to test the beta of Android Oreo in Honor of 9 there are download the app Test Users Beta and install it on the device. Yes, as it is a APK, tap to activate the option unknown Sources from Settings – Security to be able to install it.

    Honor 9 Beta Oreo

    The next step is to open the app and after accepting the terms and conditions, the login with your ID Huawei. If you do not, you will need to create a new one. After only go ‘Join the project’, and the terminal should show us an update automatically.

    As we said, the goal of beta programs such as this Honor 9 is to collect the feedback of users to improve the experience. In this case, dI enter the same application you can leave your comments about the problems you detect.

    The bad part of betas is that they often cause errors, but here Honor gives you the option of go back and return to the source version. there is Only log from the same application and wait for a maximum of two days to process the request.

    More information | Huawei
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    Android Oreo comes to the Honor 9 spaniards in the form of a beta: so you can join us
    November 29, 2017

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