Android P could have gesture navigation-style iPhone X, Google released a screen capture

Android-Gesture Nav Bar

The next month of may, during the Google I/O 2018 come the second preview of Android Q with another serving of news, and one of them might have to do with the navigation bar of the operating system.

a few hours Ago Google has escaped in his blog for developers to Android-a screenshot that shows a version of Android Q with gesture navigation, the style of the iPhone X.

Gesture Nav Here

In the screenshot that Google released in error, and that a few minutes later he edited, we watch as they disappear the buttons Home and Recent to display a tiny bottom bar accompanied by another tiny Back button.

Android Nav Bar

It’s possible that the navigation bar gesture of Android P by default only show the mini toolbar at the bottom, and that only shows the Back button in those applications that have not been adapted to this new navigation.

has Anyone seen this new gesture navigation but all indications are that it will be very similar to that of iOS. That is to say, that there will be swipe from bottom to top to return to the home screen, or slide slightly upward and then did the sides to change the application.

To see if next month Google officially announces this feature, which by the way Motorola seems to want to implement in their new mobile according to leaks. Confirmed this it seems that the Back button and the Recent have the days counted.

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Xataka Android | Android P, first impressions: evolution without revolution (for now)

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Android P could have gesture navigation-style iPhone X, Google released a screen capture

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