Android Question of the Week: Are we crazy about technology?

Welcome to another week of the android Free section we launched a question that you can answer air. Welcome to Android Question of the Week 😉

Today we have a question that goes beyond Android, and focuses specifically on technology in general often seem obsessed about technology with actions we take, which leads me to a question: Are we crazy technology or is it normal?

Many times we hear of all kinds, as kilometric queues of people is waiting for a product or not go further to dictions to all types of technology , as the phone does not come off for a second. Until I read that a boy of 13 years, not having a game in a game store well known, began to lash with shelves and even took the intervention of the police. All this makes me wonder if all this has gotten out of hand , and if we now have a kind of dependence on technology.

If the question were to me I think there are degrees while some people do know how to make good use of technology, there is another who can not do and is obsessed with them or just are extremists, and no end is good. Right now I’m in constant contact with technology, and I think I’m pretty neutral on this issue.

What about you? Do you consider yourself addicted to technology or think it’s no big deal?

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Android Question of the Week: Are we crazy about technology?
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