Android root N will not need to calibrate the color of the screen

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    those with an eye for the colors or for their profession or hobby need a representation as faithful as possible to the colors on the screen from your mobile are in luck because Android N has a small tool designed for them.

    in the section on customizing the interface Preview Developer Android N find a section called Color and appearance, which also can activate el dark theme can calibrate the color of the screen adjusting the values ​​of red, green and blue with a slider


    One reason less for root

    Gradually Google is crossing out the reasons for rootees your mobile phone, in this case leaving to natively something that until now was only possible in some ROM or by applications that need root as F.Lux.

    Of course, the function to calibrate the screen Android N is perhaps insufficient for more demanding users, it contains no numerical profiles or accurate or what you’re adjusting measurements. Here the setting is Manual and “eyeball” , which however may be enough if you know what you’re doing.

    The result is viewable only by your own eyes , so it is not visible in screenshots. If you get too excited and low color so you do not see anything on the screen, the system will automatically revert to the previous configuration within 10 seconds, unless the confirm

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    Android root N will not need to calibrate the color of the screen
    March 10, 2016

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