Android Smartlock Lollipop, they can enhance other developers?

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    Smart Lock

    Recently we told todo what you need to know Smartlock Android Lollipop , smart unlock our terminal Android using devices, persons or trusted sites nearby. The curious thing is that the way it is implemented leaves room to think that other developers can expand their use

    The key is that in the Settings menu. -> Security should go to Agents confidence and there enabled “Smartlock (Google)” to access these features. Can a developer application include in this list of trusted agents how


    Agents confidence, a private API

    Given that within trusted agents a list in which we can empower them but only appears Smartlock (Google) the clear question is whether we could create an application that gets in the list to give us “Smartlocks” alternative appears.

    Smart Lock

    The answer is yes but no. Let’s first explain what a trusted agent and how it works on Android. It’s all pretty well documented in the official documentation of Android.

    A trusted agent is a service that notifies the system thinks about the environment is trusted. Is the agent himself who defines what is “trust” the system simply believes what he says this agent. When the agent determines that the environment is trusted he tells the system with a call, and then the system relaxes security conditions. Today this means avoiding the pattern, PIN or password to unlock.

    For all this there is a specific API. But, and here the explanation of “yes but no” is not in the public part of the SDK . That is, it is only available to system applications, the trusted agents must be integrated into the system ROM.

    Can improved Smartlock?

    This is the big question, more things need not have Smartlock of Google? The answer for me is clear, yes. Google has done a good safety of this agent deployment, we eliminated the release if we are in Wifi, if we have a connected Bluetooth, NFC device are in a particular area or if you recognize our voice or our face. But there are things left out.

    Trusted sites

    The best example is that many Bluetooth LE devices do not maintain a permanent connection to our Android and can not be chosen as near safety devices. There are within products Fitbit , which today is a leader in wearables.

    Other ideas that come to mind is requried breakout of security when we are connected to a station mobile concrete base, when you select a widget (eg a timeout), when connected to a charger … Ideas are many, better or worse, and it is clear that Google can not experiment with them all.

    Here is a good idea would be to open this part Google Android to third party applications, showing good safety warning, and allow developers to implement their crazy ideas. Some may be good and function, others may remain in oblivion.

    How soon could see alternatives to Smartlock?

    What is clear is that Google has left room for Agents Smartlock alternative to confidence, we see it clearly when we see a list of currently contains only one item. How could we see alternatives to Smartlock?

    The first is in the ROMs . Clearly, confidence Agents are limited to system applications, but developers do that precisely ROMs, system applications. They could implement in their applications ROMs complementary or alternative to Smartlock without many problems . The only downside was limited by the ROM would still we chose.

    The second possibility is that Google open the door to agents of confidence in normal applications, and thus dischargeable in Google Play, in future versions of Android . Lollipop is clear that we had only a first version and have a list of these agents hints of where the shots could go Google. Will we see today in the presentation of Android M a move in this direction It would be nice

    News Smartlock Android Lollipop, they can enhance other developers? was originally published at Engadget Android by Alejandro Gonzalez Nieto .

    Engadget Android

    Android Smartlock Lollipop, they can enhance other developers?
    May 28, 2015

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