‘Annihilation’: a masterpiece of science fiction that deserved to be seen in the film

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    Alex Garland it has always been there. Long before deslumbrase half the world with his debut behind the camera, the filmmaker london had already given way to librettos memorable that made possible tapes from the likes of ’28 days after’, ‘Never leave me’ or the always reivindicable ‘Dredd’ —in which, it is rumored, had more weight than the accredited officially.

    however, despite the remarkable level of his work up to then, it was not until 2014 when the ‘Ex-Machina’, your opera prima as a director, will be catapulted to well-deserved fame, situándole as one of the minds most promising science-fiction-contemporary, thanks to an excellent exercise that wrapped in the vis more pure, cerebral, and transcendental of the genre.

    Rocking bodies and, above all, minds

    With ‘Annihilation’, Garland manages to outdo himself and go a step beyond, leaving behind its status as a promise to assert themselves as a authority indisputable and indispensable within the landscape of sci-fi. All this with a full-length feature film, in addition to dazzle from all and each one of the possible perspectives on the that can be parsed, it is able to twist and stimulate our bodies and, more importantly, our minds.

    by Doing a brief exercise of hindsight does not make it at all difficult to get to the conclusion that the best pieces of science fiction history, regardless of their format, are those that go beyond their premises and layers superficial to devote to exploring, studying and developing a discourse about the idiosyncrasies of the human being.


    After you make it through the dilemmas and longings of an artificial intelligence in ‘Ex-Machina’, Garland becomes immersed in the always murky waters of existentialism in a story driven by characters masterfully built; providing a stimulus to intellectual and introspective to the viewer as necessary as it is becoming less and less usual in the productions of big studios.

    The great virtue of ‘Annihilation’ lies in its power to tremble unconscious to the beat of subtext and, at the same time, do the same on a physical level; something that is achieved by a hybridization generic that embraces the horror more visceral. In this way, cold sweats, jaws mismatching and moments in which the discomfort almost to the point of suffocating become the leitmotif of a film that is attacks without quarter, and by the same senses and consciousness.

    One direction portentous


    All this would be completely impossible without the breathtaking vision of a filmmaker that has enveloped the outstanding narrative of a unique world, full of detail and surprisingly tangible in spite of the purely fictitious; giving place to a strange sense of verisimilitude that power until the end of the effects of the tape.

    In terms of visuals and production design, ‘Annihilation’ makes gala of a bill impeccable technique and a contrast with a magnetism to the height of the mystery that surrounds its plot; giving away tickets that fluctuate between what is fascinating and repulsive, between the beauty of a dream and the horror the fruit of the worst nightmare. A real achievement and conceptual material that helps to shape an atmosphere that prevents take off your eyes of the screen until the onset of the credit titles.


    But the milestones you reach ‘Annihilation’ don’t stay there, squeezing every last drop of the talent of an Alex Garland, which, again, transgress the limits of the gifted; hiding between the prodigy audio-visual —austere in some ways and, again, wonderful—, an infinite number of details of planning and staging that develops in the background about the topics dealt with by the extraordinary length.

    Since it’s been several hours since I have finished enjoy ‘Annihilation’ and I have the feeling that, far from clearing it quickly from my mind, I will continue processing for weeks all their dense feathering philosophical, admiring the work of his inspired cast and, of course, the master film director.


    it Is precisely this ability to be introduced under the skin and stimulate the grey matter which makes it great science fiction and that makes ‘Annihilation’ in the better part of the decade between their congeners and in one of the best in the history of the eternal gender. Something that has not prevented this masterpiece you have finished looking sadly relegated to our small screens.

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    ‘Annihilation’: a masterpiece of science fiction that deserved to be seen in the film
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    March 12, 2018

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