Answer mails and messages from the notifications panel of your Xiaomi it is possible with this app

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    xiaomi notifications panel

    The customization on Android is often a cause of debate and often highlights Android pure as the best option, but the customization can bring many interesting features not found in series in the system. For example MIUI, the layer of Xiaomi, offers a customization pretty strong but it offers very good user experience, but today we are not going to talk about the virtues of MIUI, but a bug quite annoying.

    The notifications panel, Xiaomi has a design very much in the line of the rest of the layer, but in addition to the appearance also differs in features with respect to Android, and the most annoying thing is that we cannot deploy a notification to interact with it, the only thing we can do is to press and open the app, while on Android there is this option. We tell you how to get it with a simple app.

    How to display notifications directly from the panel of MIUI

    As we said, one of the disadvantages of MIUI is that the notification panel does not offer as much versatility as we do find in the version stock Android. Specifically, the problem in question is that it is not possible to deploy email notifications or messages to be able to respond directly from the notification panel.

    The solution is very simple and it goes to install an app. His name is Material Notification Shade and is available in the Play Store for free. For that to work we will have to accept various permissions, once we have completed this step we can configure its various options.

    Display Notifications Xiaomi

    once activated, Material Notification Shade starts to operate and will leave us to deploy the notifications of certain apps to interact with them. In the screenshots you can see how is the process with Gmail. If we have a number of mails pending to read, we can deploy to view more details of each message, and if we want to interact with any of them is enough to deploy again.

    The options that you have in each message you are replying to or archive, all from the notifications panel without having to open the app every time.

    finally, although it is not necessary for it to work, if you want, Material Notification Shade offers some customization options. We can choose the theme of the panel so that it is as the Nougat bars or Oreo, as well as choose the colors that will have this section.

    Notification Shade

    Material Notification Shade10.19

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    Xataka Android

    Answer mails and messages from the notifications panel of your Xiaomi it is possible with this app
    October 20, 2017

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