Antena 3, Gol TV and soon on Xbox One

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    Xbox 360 also added new entertainment offerings.
    Microsoft has announced the next landing on Xbox One new entertainment offerings thanks to official applications Antena 3 TV, Gol TV, etc.. Not only that.: Xbox 360 also adds new features in its entertainment sector
    The new channels and applications are as follows and also indicates which console or consoles were launched

  • Antena 3: One
  • Crunchyroll Xbox: Xbox Live One
  • Filmbox: Xbox 360
  • Gol TV: One Xbox
  • GoPro: One
  • KDrama Xbox: Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • NBA: NHL
  • Xbox One: One Xbox and Xbox 360
  • TuneIn: One
  • Vevo Xbox: Xbox One

  • Vandal

    Antena 3, Gol TV and soon on Xbox One
    June 5, 2014

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