App of the Day: Audiotica (Windows Phone)

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    App of the Day: Audiotica (Windows Phone)

    Audiotica is a completely free alternative to Spotify.

    Spotify is undoubtedly the streaming service that enjoys more success Today on any platform, and it is for the quality of their applications, catalog, availability, etc. However, many mobile users who miss functions of the desktop version on the mobile version, noting especially the power listen to any song for free . With Windows Phone Audiotica is possible to do this, with millions of songs streaming and the ability to download. According to its developers, it is a 99% Faster and more efficient than Spotify or Xbox Music . It also allows the user to synchronize the collection with Audiotica Cloud

    Download . Audiotica in the Windows Store. Free


    App of the Day: Audiotica (Windows Phone)
    August 22, 2015

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