Apple asks for forgiveness for the iPhone slowed down, and offers discounts to change the batteries

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    Apple published this Thursday a letter to his clients in which he asks forgiveness for the “misunderstanding” generated around the slowdown of the iPhone, and offers discounts for users that want to change the battery of your phone.

    as of the end of January and up to December 2018, to change the battery of an iPhone 6 or a subsequent model cost 50 dollars less. The price will go from 79 to 29 dollars.

    Some users have long claimed that Apple slows down an artificial iPhone older through the update of iOS to encourage the purchase of new models. This suspicion gained strength last week when a developer showed with data that the iPhone 6 was going slower with each new software update.

    The company recognized, then, that slows down intentionally the older phones when you download a new update of the software, but argued that he did it to lengthen the battery of the mobile, and prevent it colapsasen.

    These explanations were insufficient for some clients, and only in united States presented nine demands collective that accused Apple of fraud, deceptive advertising, and unjust enrichment.

    This Thursday, a French association against the programmed obsolescence announced that it had filed a complaint against the american manufacturer for the same reason.

    Three reasons

    In the statement, Apple acknowledges that it has received complaints from some users that saw how to your mobile ralentizaban after downloading the new version of iOS, something that the company achacaba in the beginning two-factor. On the one hand, to small software bugs that are already fixed and, on the other hand, the effect “normal and temporary” that causes the discharge of any new update.

    The company has added after a third reason: the aging of the batteries of the iPhone 6 and 6S, especially in those terminals that still use their original batteries.

    Apart from the discount, Apple announced that the next update of iOS will include a tool that will allow users to know the “health” of the battery of your iPhone for you to decide on whether to proceed or not to change it.

    The company is committed to continue looking for new ways to improve performance of your iPhone, and, above all, avoid the “sudden collapse” of the terminals, which are aging.


    Apple asks for forgiveness for the iPhone slowed down, and offers discounts to change the batteries
    December 29, 2017

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