Apple begins selling the monitor sleep Beddit 3.5

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    Apple began selling this week a new version of the monitor sleep Beddit in your online store, after the team received approval from the FCC. This new model 3.5 has a price of 149.95 dollars, and a similar design to the previous model, only more lightweight and small.

    Apple bought Beddit in 2017, and this is the first update since you made the purchase. The sensor of 2mm of thickness is designed to be placed under the fitted sheet and the mattress, and performs an automatic tracking of data related to the dream when the person is lying down.

    The data includes sleep time, efficiency, heart rate, respiration, temperature, movement, snoring, temperature and humidity of the environment. The data can be viewed in the new application Beddit 3.5 or in the application Health on an iPhone or iPad.

    The new version is compatible with iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 and in all the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.3 or later.


    Apple begins selling the monitor sleep Beddit 3.5
    December 11, 2018

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